Working out as a Stay at Home Mom

Before I became a mom, I didn’t understand when I heard women complain about not having time to work out… but as soon as I became a mom myself, I realized how hard it really was to work out as a busy mom.

how to work out as a stay at home mom
how to work out as a stay at home mom


I like working out for the most part.


In Junior high and High school I was fairly active. I played tennis, ran track and cross country. I even played for my college tennis team for one semester!


So when Adam and I were first married, I worked out using my elliptical machine and some workout videos to do at home. We would fit in the occasional walk in the neighborhood. read more

Simple Ways to Increase Magnesium

magnesium oil flakes pregnancy


Simple Ways to Increase Your Magnesium

Magnesium is such a critical mineral for your body. How do we increase magnesium? I am just starting to learn about magnesium deficiencies and the benefits of using magnesium oil to ease ailments. I really felt like I was very deficient once I became pregnant. Magnesium is so important for health. It helps you control your blood sugar, helps you handle stress, and helps you sleep better.

Some benefits of magnesium oil include:

Insomnia or Restless Sleep
Sleep – Wake up Tired
Back Pain
Stiff and Aching Muscles
Bones continue to go out of Alignment
Migraine Headaches
Cluster Headaches
Weakness – Hypoglycemia
High Blood Pressure
Heart Condition
Kidney Stones
Accelerated Aging
Heart Attack History
Irregular Heartbeat
Aggressive Behavior
Attention Deficit Disorder
Chronic Fatigue
Jump at Sudden Sounds
High-strung, Jittery
Muscle Weakness
Muscle Tics or Twitches
Muscle Cramps
Muscle Spasms or Quivers
Pregnancy-related Symptoms
Angina Pectoris
(Sharp Chest Pains and a feeling of being Suffocated)

Exhausted from Physical Work or Exercise
Fading Memory, Senility
Leg Cramps

This list is from MGWater.com

Magnesium is pretty vital to several of our body’s systems. 

The Bad News

Magnesium isn’t absorbed well internally through diet and pills. read more

Breaking a sweat

I have been “exercising” my whole life. As a kid, it was playing on the playground. In middle school, it was playing tennis. In high school, it was running cross-country and track.

I enjoyed working out. It was a chance to get those endorphins going and feel great. As an adult, I’ve done Tae Bo, running on a treadmill, spin classes, body pump, climbing, repelling, yoga, and Pilates.

I feel like it is part of being healthy. I have recently modified my idea of what Exercise looks like.

I felt like cardio was the key… and lots and lots of it. I felt that I needed to run on a treadmill for as long as I could for a sustained amount of speed. Usually I would run an hour hovering around 5.5 mph – maybe excelling to 6 mph. My knees sometimes hurt really badly after an hour run in the name of health. Is this healthy?

I work in nursing homes. I hear story after story about hip replacements, knee replacements… Can this be avoided?

Also, after running and running for an hour – I have to eat something… I’m usually craving a quick sugar to replace that energy burned. So was working out worth it if I’m going to eat back all the calories burned as soon as I’m done?

I talked to a physical therapist, and he said that you shouldn’t run longer than 30 minutes at a time – beyond that you aren’t really gaining any health factors.

I did some research as to what our bodies were created to do physically: sprint out of harm or from predators, lift heavy things, and walk a lot.

All that cardio doesn’t necessarily help your body. You think you need cardio to burn fat – but if you build up a little muscle you will burn more calories throughout the day and be more toned. I believe that a big portion of how you look is made up of more of what you are feeding yourself. You honestly don’t have to work out as much if you eat healthy.

At this time in my life, I am focusing on about 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week (either running, spinning, or walking), core (abdominal & back) everyday and doing some Pilates for increasing tone and muscle strength. Sometimes I’ll do some squats or lunges around the house, and maybe do a few push ups here and there. I’m usually carrying a 30 lb baby at least sometimes during the day as well. I’ll lift weights at the gym maybe once a week.

Building muscle is important for maintaining overall general health. You need muscles to support your frame & to carry out task.

Think about how you can add more movement into your life this week.

What are your best exercise tips?