Simple Ways to Increase Magnesium

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Simple Ways to Increase Your Magnesium

Magnesium is such a critical mineral for your body. How do we increase magnesium? I am just starting to learn about magnesium deficiencies and the benefits of using magnesium oil to ease ailments. I really felt like I was very deficient once I became pregnant. Magnesium is so important for health. It helps you control your blood sugar, helps you handle stress, and helps you sleep better.

Some benefits of magnesium oil include:

Insomnia or Restless Sleep
Sleep – Wake up Tired
Back Pain
Stiff and Aching Muscles
Bones continue to go out of Alignment
Migraine Headaches
Cluster Headaches
Weakness – Hypoglycemia
High Blood Pressure
Heart Condition
Kidney Stones
Accelerated Aging
Heart Attack History
Irregular Heartbeat
Aggressive Behavior
Attention Deficit Disorder
Chronic Fatigue
Jump at Sudden Sounds
High-strung, Jittery
Muscle Weakness
Muscle Tics or Twitches
Muscle Cramps
Muscle Spasms or Quivers
Pregnancy-related Symptoms
Angina Pectoris
(Sharp Chest Pains and a feeling of being Suffocated)

Exhausted from Physical Work or Exercise
Fading Memory, Senility
Leg Cramps

This list is from MGWater.com

Magnesium is pretty vital to several of our body’s systems. 

The Bad News

Magnesium isn’t absorbed well internally through diet and pills.

The Good News

It is best absorbed externally as a lotion, oil, or in a bath.

I just purchased Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes (affiliate link) 
from Ancient Minerals to use in a bath and make my own oil.

For a Magnesium Bath

Add about a cup to 2 cups of epsom salts into your warm bath before you go to sleep and it can help you sleep better and it really helped me with my restless leg syndrome.

For Magnesium Oil

To make Magnesium oil, dissolve about 1 cup of magnesium flakes into 1 cup of water. You can store in a clean spray bottle and mist on your body. I actually preferred making a lotion. I mixed in my magnesium oil into some coconut oil and rubbed it into my arms, legs, and belly twice a day.

When I was pregnant, my main complaint was waking up during the night (usually around 3 am) for no apparent reason. I felt I possibly had a mineral deficiency. Using these products really helped my sleeping and my restless leg syndrome during my pregnancy.

In pregnancy, you are using more magnesium than normal and hormones also can create more of a deficiency. It is quite common to become deficient during pregnancy and experience horrible side effects. This deficiency also leads to increased morning sickness, restless leg syndrome, insomnia… 

Another way to get magnesium is in a supplement form. > Here is the way that I take magnesium at night to help me sleep <


My update: I used Epsom salt baths and a homemade magnesium oil to supplement magnesium along with taking oral calcium/magnesium pills. I will say that when I used all of the above, I slept better and felt better. I think I was so deficient though, that I really had to keep up with it daily and I would often forget. The oil was a little itchy by itself, so I always used it along with coconut oil on my legs and belly. It really did help restless leg syndrome too! So that was an added bonus.

Hopefully you will find an easy way to get your magnesium and feel great too!

 Magnesium is a much needed mineral. Are you getting enough?

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  1. I must confess that I take an internal magnesium supplement (I’m not a bath person), and I’ve noticed a big improvement in muscle stiffness and soreness (perpetually tight hamstrings), and in my sleep patterns. I’m curious to see if you have the same results.

    • I’m not a bath person either. I hope I can remember to use the oil consistently. I have heard magnesium deficiencies can keep you from falling asleep & staying asleep, so maybe it will help me.

  2. […] magnesium. Pregnancy hormones make it even harder to absorb and use the magnesium you are eating. Here are my simple ways for increasing magnesium intake. When I was pregnant, I used a magnesium lotion, oil, and epsom salt baths along with oral […]

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