Working out as a Stay at Home Mom

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I like working out for the most part. In Junior high and High school I was fairly active. I played tennis, ran track and cross country. I even played for my college tennis team for one semester!


When Adam and I were first married, I worked out using my elliptical machine and some workout videos to do at home. But… I never was really good at a solid routine. Adam and I would fit in the occasional walk in the neighborhood.


After a couple of months, Adam and I joined a small local gym. I seriously thought I had died and gone to workout heaven!! I had never been a member of a gym before!! There were treadmills, stair steppers, and classes with LIVE instructors!


Adam and I were pretty dedicated. We would go to the gym every morning at 5 am and workout before work and school 5 days a week. We alternated doing a Body Pump class and just running on the treadmill. Both of us were in great shape.


Then we moved…


Anytime you have a big life event… your routine gets out of whack and it usually affects your workouts. We did continue working out together though… and this time we added spin classes into our workout rotations –  I fell in love with stationary bikes. The music blaring, the lights low – fans on high – I LOVED it!


The Gym Workout was working well until…


I got pregnant – I continued to work out. I did more elliptical machine time as I got bigger. We were still working out at the gym at least 3 days a week waking up at 5 am and walking in our neighborhood 3 more days a week. I was DETERMINED to stay in shape! 


But then my routine got thrown out the window once Aidalyn was born…. it was really hard to get back into a routine when I was taking care of a little baby and working part time as a speech therapist… It just was hard to make it work.


Then we moved to Richmond, and we decided that a gym membership wasn’t going to work for us anymore. With two kids now, it is even harder to leave the house just to go to the gym.


When I was pregnant with Annaleigh, it wasn’t an easy pregnancy at all. I primarily used my elliptical machine and walked outside. I was lucky that with both pregnancies I didn’t gain much weight over the recommended gain and I lost it pretty fast both times.


Without lifting weights though, you aren’t going to gain the muscle needed to help raise your metabolism, help you look leaner and fit into those smaller clothes.


Then I finally found something that could work for me!! 


What if you could take your workout with you??? You could make it work around your schedule and your income?

Grab your iPhone for your next in home workout!

My favorite apps are Workout Trainer and 7 Minute workout  But there are SO many options!



With the workout trainer app, you can use a filter to decide how long of a workout you are looking for and if you don’t have any equipment. I usually find something between 20-30 minutes.


In my stage of life right now, I’m focusing more on body weight exercises with some cardio components. This would be squats, lunges, high knees, jumping jacks.


I love the 7 minute workout too. I try to do it a couple times throughout the day. The most I’ve done in one day was 4 times in a row – that was a serious workout! These apps are free, so we are saving money too!

They are also portable. We both did a workout last week in our condo while we were in vacation in Orlando. Adam did a 7 minute workout and I did a 45 minute workout using Workout Trainer.


We also still enjoy going on longer walks together with the girls in the stroller. I run up and down the stairs a few times a day as well. I love my FitBit for keeping track of my steps and helping me set some goals.


Recently I have also found a great online source for families and moms who want to workout at home. is a great options for people who like to follow routines and to keep their workouts new and interesting. There is also a built in support group online to help when you have questions or need encouragement.


I think the bottom line is to move and stay active. Come up with a plan that will work for you where you are in life right now.



What are some ways you fit exercise into your day

without needing to go to the gym? 

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