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Are you ready to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog? With Pinning for Profits, you can learn the basic skills of utilizing the social media platform to grow you reach and views quickly!

Are you ready to use Pinterest to create your evergreen funnel driving endless leads organically to you with people who are ready to buy?

It sounds like a dream right? 

With Pinterest, people are already searching daily for solutions to their problems… they just haven’t found you yet because you don’t know how to get found.

This 5 Day Course features over 2 hours of video content will walk you through step by step how to get started attracting leads, growing your email list, and creating a funnel for ideal customers to connect with you… all using Pinterest. Plus, a 22 page workbook to follow along with a take notes. 

This if for you if you are trying to grow your business online and want to have a platform where people can search and find your content. 

This if for you if you don’t even have a Pinterest account yet or if you have only used it for personal reasons. 

How to Use Pinterest for Attraction Marketing
How to Use Pinterest for Attraction Marketing

In the course you will learn: 

  • How to Create Lead Magnets for Your Customers (even without a blog!)
  • How to set up your Profile and use the right hashtags for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How to create Pins that POP and are irresistible to your ideal customers
  • and when you are ready… How to scale using ads on Pinterest 

Follow through the videos with your Pinning for Profits Workbook with brainstorming sessions, note taking, and homework so that you walk away with a plan that works!

Let’s get pinning! 

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