Episode 11: How to Move Past Your Fear Of Failing

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Fear of Failing

What can we do to fight it?

How can we move past it so that we can reach our GOALS and start living our BEST life?

We hear so often that people talk themselves out of something great because they had a fear of failing.

Or maybe they look back and REGRET that one time they wished they would have moved forward… but instead let fear get the best of them.

Listen to learn our tips that we have tried to use to move past fear and adopt the idea that we are Failing Forward!

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Episode 9: What is Curiosity Marketing?

What is curiosity marketing?
What is Curiosity Marketing?

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What is Curiosity Marketing?

What is Curiosity Marketing and How can it help you avoid blasting your products all over social media?

We have learned one big lesson over the past 5 years…

People don’t care about your product. Period.

The only the they care about is… what is in it for them.

Listen to learn how to start using curiosity marketing in your business today!

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6 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Here are six steps to keep your child safe online:

6 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe Online
6 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Talk to your child.

It’s important for your child to know the benefits and risk of the world wide web. They should know that they should never talk to strangers online, add people who they don’t know on their social media accounts, and that they should never meet someone from the Internet without discussing it with you beforehand.

Keep the computer in a family room.

It’s important for your child to access the computer in an area where you can monitor what they are doing. This way, you can check in to see what they’re doing.

Know your child’s passwords.

The best way to be sure of what your child is doing is to check their accounts. Make sure that you know your child’s passwords so that you can check their accounts and monitor their messages if you grow concerned. read more

6 Ways to Earn Extra money from Your Phone

Earning extra money from your phone is a dream for many – and lots of people search to find a way to actually be able to it. Everything on this list can be done from your phone or in a pinch, a laptop or tablet if you prefer a keyboard (one like this can be helpful).

How to earn extra money from your phone
How to earn extra money from your phone

If you are anything like I was 5 years ago, I would be up late at night searching for ways to earn extra money from home.

I had two little girls at home and the last thing I wanted to do was put them in daycare… but was it even possible to earn extra money without getting a job… could I earn an income online from my phone? read more

4 Types of Video you should Make for Building Your Business Online

It is no secret that video is the fastest way to grow your business online.

It is the easiest way for your followers to get to know you, trust you, and eventually buy from you.

So what types of videos should you even be doing?

4 Types of Videos You Should Make for Your Online Business

Demo Videos

If you have a product or service that can be demo’ed… then you should be creating demo videos. Read more about how I edit my videos here.

When people can see HOW you use your products… what problem is solves for them… they will be WAY more likely to reach out and find out more about it. read more

How to Create 10 Pieces of Content from One Video

Why should you repurpose your videos?

How to work from home
How to work from home

Saves Time

Repurposing your content not only helps you be more productive, but also saves you time!

When you can create one long piece of content and create multiple versions, you end up with endless post ideas and video clips that you can share almost anywhere to help drive engagement, views, sales.

Be Everywhere

When you repurpose your content, you can be on multiple platforms without too much extra stress.

Pick one “hub” and let the rest be secondary places to share your content and videos.

Facebook is a very popular “hub” as well as Youtube or Instagram. Just pick one and the other platforms also get to be places to share content that points back to your main hub for engagement. read more

How to Launch Your Home Based Business

How to Sway For A Girl
How to Launch Your Home Based Business

“How did you do it?”

One of the biggest life transitions I’ve ever gone through was deciding to be a stay at home mom (deciding not to go back to my full time speech therapy job) and starting my home based business which has radically, unexpectedly grown into waayyyy more than I could’ve imagined or planned for.

Did I have a plan?

Well, kind of, but it was not very well planned out! I just was focused on the short term goal of earning back my initial investment and earning a $10,000 bonus… read more

How We Quit Our Jobs and Now Work From Home

Network Marketing for Working Moms
Network Marketing for Working Moms

Why did a chemical engineer and a speech therapist get started in network marketing?

Angela – Looking back… I’m not really sure why I chose speech therapy as a career. I mean, I started because I really liked the idea of helping people. I liked the idea of having fun with kids and helping them communicate.

But it wasn’t something I was passionate about.

I was good at it… and I thought that if I was good at it, and it was a great job… then that’s all that mattered.


I really think the process of becoming a mom is one of the most impactful things that can happen to a women. read more

6 Myths About Network Marketing That Just Won’t Die!

The Truth About Network Marketing
The Truth About Network Marketing

No work-at-home business is more misunderstood and demonized than network marketing.


At it’s best, network marketing is seen as unimportant mommy-businesses or something strange uncle Bob does to find his fortune. At it’s worst, network marketing is perceived as being full of greedy snake oil salesmen and shysters.


But once you get past the old attitudes and misconceptions, network marketing is a viable way to start a part-time/full-time home-based business!


Myth 1: Network Marketing is an illegal pyramid.


Truth: In the illegal pyramid test, the shape of an organization does not determine legality. If it did, most businesses and organizations, including the government, would be illegal because all of them have a pyramid structure. read more

A Baby Journal You Will Actually Use!

So be honest with me…


How many of you were actually good about putting things in your children’s “Baby Books”?


My eldest daughter Aidalyn found her baby book when were going through some things in her room, and she guilted me pretty hard on not having much of anything in it! Total #MomWin right there 


I love the idea of using a Baby book to remember things that I KNOW I’ll end up forgetting, but a written book just wasn’t cutting it for me.


Enter Qeepsake!


 I learned about Qeepsake after seeing it on Shark Tank  and I thought “Wow! That’s an awesome idea for saving memories for my girls!”

Anyways, I decided to try it out!


Side note: if you are looking for a good physical baby book, I’ve had several people recommend “My Baby Book” from Amy Krouse Rosenthal to me. It’s super cute and has some fun features if you do still want a physical book to write in!


So what is Qeepsake?

Qeepsake is a service designed to send you routine text messages (or Facebook messages if you prefer) asking short questions about your children. You simply reply to the messages and your answers are stored in your account!


 Here is a sample of the questions it will ask you and save your answers. It’s all pretty seamless and simple!



Even better, you can make an actual printed book later of the answers and photos you share, or you can just enjoy looking at it online for fun!


I know I’m not the only mom who would love an easy way to keep track of all the funny sayings and memories of my kids… but let’s be real right? 

I can actually do this! 


 If you want to try it out with me, head here to try it for free!


Qeepsake Lite is free but doesn’t have all the available features. If you find you like it, there are plans from $1.99 a month to $7.99 a month that unlock photos, multiple users, and more.  I ended up going ahead and going the premium route because it works so nicely 🙂

If you want to sign-up, please use my referral link. It won’t cost you any extra but I would sure appreciate it! 🙂


Pro Tip!  Qeepsake has the ability to connect to your Instagram and Facebook accounts and directly add a post you share to your account to save for later. You just use #qeepsake and it all works perfectly!


Have you tried Qeepsake or another online baby book option? Share your experience with us so others can make an informed decision!