31 Daily Affirmations to Increase Your Confidence to Grow Your Business!

 How Do You Increase Your Confidence?

Did you know that building confidence is a lot like  building muscle? You can do certain workouts  that can ACTUALLY increase your confidence 

When I got started with my own business 5 years ago… I had zero confidence in myself. I would have never ever EVER made a video and posted it ANYWHERE 

But now, I have enough confidence in myself and the message I have to offer that I even make videos without make up on 

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How Having a Natural Birth Prepared Me For Starting My Own Business

Natural Birth & Starting a Business…


Those two aren’t often seen as going hand in hand… right?

But when I had my first baby… something changed inside me

Going through that process taught me some lessons that prepared me for when I started working from home a few years later.


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Here’s my top Three Things I learned


It’s okay to look crazy.


See… I learned it was okay to do what I wanted even if everyone else thought I was crazy

I didn’t know anyone who had planned a home birth before when I was pregnant with Aidalyn… but after doing research, I knew that was the experience I wanted.

I knew that to get what I really wanted… I was not going to be considered “normal” – But normal is boring anyways

With my business, I knew I may get some crazy looks or have some people think I was crazy.

But after 4 years of doing this, I’m so thankful that I didn’t let what other people’s opinions of me stop me from accomplishing all that we have!

Quitting our jobs, moving closer to home, finding our purpose, helping families all over the world live better and find financial freedom  and that’s just the beginning


Always invest in yourself.


This was one area I had ZERO experience… I knew that I was going to have to learn all that I could and that’s what I did!

It was okay to not know everything when I started… but I didn’t have to stay that way.

I read a lot of books.
I watched documentaries.
I took classes.

I learned that birth – and natural birth – is sometimes such a mental game. And I was going to need to go in prepared…

With my business… I was the same way. I had zero experience – but I knew I could learn a new skill!

Anything you want to do your best in, you gotta invest in yourself


Know the power of having a great & supportive team.


I knew that if I was going to face labor… knowing it was not going to be all rainbows and roses

I would need a team to support me and keep me accountable for the experience I wanted… even if I wanted to quit at times.

Yes, I yelled “I NEED A BREAK” at one point  and I’m thankful my midwife was right there to help me through.

With my business… like anything… there are ups and downs.

There are AMAZING days…

and days you need a team to say “You got this!” “Your dreams are worth it!” “It starts with one!”

I’m so thankful for the team and support I have with my business. Because I may be in business for myself, but I’m never by myself. – and neither would you



Listen, there’s never a “perfect time” to start something new.. but NOW would be a GOOD time to jump. 

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6 Daily Actions to Grow a Full Time Income from Home

I was getting a lot of questions about what exactly do you do to be able to work from home (and earn a full time income!) while you are busy being a mom and homeschooling your kids…

I made this video to go over 6 Daily Actions that I do and how I teach my business partners to grow their income and home based businesses from anywhere!


Watch 6 Daily Actions to Grow a Full Time Income From Home



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How to Fail Forward and NEVER be Scared of Failing Again

The only way for us to learn is through failing over and over… Failing forward is the pathway to success. So instead of being scared of failing… be more scared of not improving or never trying. Let’s fail forward together.


Watch the Video Now:



We took the girls skating the other day – It was both our girls first time skating ever!

Learning how to do something new can be frustrating…

Because you aren’t that great at first… And honestly you are going to fall down a lot.


There were some tears.


But then we taught Aidalyn to celebrate every fall because it meant she was trying and getting better with each fall.


She was falling forward.


Don’t forget that even as adults, we need to take chances and try new things.


We need to fail and fail often. If we are failing, it means we are getting closer to our win.


What have you failed at recently??

What have you learned?

How are you better?


Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your friends!


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How to Turn back the Hands of Time – Look Younger Naturally!

I have been geeking out over the past week… and what I have been learning about has completely blown me away!!

Of course, I HAD to share what I’ve learned with you (You are going to love this!)


How to Turn back the Hands of Time – Naturally! and Look Younger!


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  • How can we naturally fight Free Radicals that are causing us to look older
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    5 Tips for Using Facebook to Grow Your Brand & Business

    Not too long ago, I was a busy stay at home mom who was looking to earn some extra money.

    My husband Adam and I knew we needed a way to make some extra income, but we felt like that was never enough time.

    We found that being busy doesn’t have to be an excuse to not chase after your dreams!
    I’m so excited you picked up this awesome tool to help you build your business on social media.

    Once you figure out how to leverage the time you have, you can feel more productive AND you get better results!


    In This Guide:


    • Identify topics for your unique brand.
    • Leverage Facebook to expand your reach and save you time.
    • Re-purpose content to extend the life of a video.


    This resource is meant to serve as a guide to help you build your business on Facebook. I have learned that the key to growing your business is helping enough people get what they want.

    I designed this content with Facebook specifically in mind, but principles work for videos or posts on whatever social network you use.
    The most important thing you can do is to start where you are – little changes over time make a huge impact!



    How to Pay Cash for Christmas

    It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… or is it?

    As reported in a recent survey by Think Finance, Forty-five percent of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas

    There really are a few reasons that make the holidays a stressful time for families…


    According to a survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, Here are the Top 11 Things people Stress about During the Holidays:


    68%: Crowds and long lines
    37%: Gaining weight
    37%: Getting into debt
    28%: Gift shopping
    25%: Traveling
    24%: Seeing certain relatives
    23%: Seasonal music
    19%: Disappointing gifts
    16%: Having to attend holiday parties or events
    15%: Having to be nice
    12%: Holiday tipping


    How would it feel if you didn’t have to worry about gaining weight or getting into debt this Christmas?

    Wouldn’t that make the holidays a little less stressful?


    You can always wait to lose weight… and you can always budget and try to save as much money around the holidays.


    But wouldn’t the holidays feel more jolly if you had confidence, energy, your health??

    Plus, some expenses are unavoidable like traveling home for the holidays, buying presents for family, and holiday food cost.


    I want to show you how our family has been able to get healthy and 

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    LIVE Video Gear to Get More Views

    If you have been following me for anytime at all, you know that I LOVE working from home – and I love teaching other moms how to build their at home business so they can bring in extra money without having to spend more time away from their family.


    Just a few years ago, I was a mom with 2 kids under 3 running around (or scooting around) my feet… and everything was great! Except it wasn’t.


    I had previously been a speech therapist working full time at a nursing home, and I knew I didn’t want to go back to work. I wanted to be home! Each year, our home budget kept getting tighter and tighter. I knew I had to find a way to start working from home… but I didn’t even know where to start!



    My friend shared with me how she was earning a full time income from home just using products that helped her and getting paid to share about them. I thought this sounded AWESOME! But I had to figure out how to build a business without home parties or talking to random people (I’m an introvert lol).


    and video is one of my secrets of how I built a 6 figure income from home!


    It has never been easier to show up online and share about what you love and how you can help people!

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    DIY Ring Light

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    Book Club: Crash the Chatterbox (Hearing God’s Voice Above all Others)

    One of the best parts of owning your own business is the personal development…

    I fully believe that each year you can measure growth by the people you meet and the books you read. What is great is that as you are reading and improving your mindset, you are learning how to help others and reach your own goals too.


    I had a few friends recommend reading Crash the Chatterbox  by Steven Furtick. I thought that it would be a great book for a “Video Book Club” and here we are!


    This video covers the first section of the book:

    What the Video Now


    What are your thoughts?

    Is it helpful to meditate on the Words of God to drown out the voices of fear and doubt?


    If this was helpful, I would love if you would pass it on!



    Check out the Second Video in this series Here