5 Superfood Recipes for the Whole Family

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Well hey there, Mama!

If you are reading this in the spring of 2020, I bet you can relate to this:

I feel like there is this blur between all the days and it’s hard to know what day it is… just to be clear it is Sun-mon-nes-day. 

With our schedules turned upside down, sometimes it is easy to loose track of not only what day it is, but even things that are important to us – like our health. 

I’m a busy mom of three kids… working at home… and homeschooling… so I know that having a clear idea of what really matters most to me is the only way anything gets done. 

I’m all about simplifying my life so that at the end of the day all the things that matter gets done and the things that are extra – are just extra! 

Reaching your health and weight loss goals doesn’t have to be complicated.

With simple healthy swaps, you can check off each day, have confidence you are taking care of yourself and being the best mom you can be to your kids – Really!  

So where would I start? 

I believe every single person needs to up their nutrition. 
It is the foundation of our health, our metabolism, our weight loss, our energy… it is everything! 

But the problem is this…

So many of us have at least one picky family member who doesn’t like to eat fruits or vegetables… so it is a struggle to get them to eat any fruits or vegetables much less daily!

We know we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but getting in the variety of different colors, types, and flavors is difficult to keep track of – we tend to just stick to a limit variation.

The cost of fresh fruits and vegetables is rising… plus it is just a fact that they go back if they aren’t eaten on time. Plus, the nutrition they provide starts degrading as soon as they are picked.

So how can you get all the fruits and vegetables you need every day?? (from a whole food source and not synthetic vitamin since that’s best for your body)

Six years ago, I started drinking this one drink daily and I haven’t worried ever since if I’m getting enough fruits, vegetables, or minerals from whole foods ever again! 

From the very first few days of drinking it, I noticed a difference in my energy… and my cravings too. I knew that I was finally getting in what I was missing without having to stress about meal planning or having to throw out expired groceries.

This was a simple healthy swap that I could do even as a busy mom!

Now, I drink it every day as a low carb + detoxing + guilt free hot chocolate! But even better you can mix it into anything – smoothies, popsicles, protein brownies – you name it! 

I’ve put together some of my favorite superfood recipes so you can start getting in the best nutrition from whole foods without the struggle.

Do you want my superfood packed recipes??

Recipes Included:

Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Chocolate Protein Pancakes

My Favorite Detox Smoothie

Keto Chocolate Mousse

Keto Mocha

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