Keto Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Keto Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies 

The girls were in the most to BAKE today… and I always love to show them that HEALTHY does have to be boring. This is what we created!


3 cups blanched almond flour

1/2 cup stevia blend that is cup for cup sugar replacement or sweetener of choice

1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

6 tablespoons pumpkin puree

4 tablespoons grass-fed butter, softened

4 tablespoons cream cheese, softened

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup sugar-free chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, and cover your cookie sheet with parchment paper. read more

THREE KEYS TO DROPPING Pounds without taking a ride on the STRUGGLE BUS

3 Keys to Lose Pounds Without the Struggle
3 Keys to Lose Pounds Without the Struggle

 THREE KEYS TO DROPPING LBS without taking a ride on the STRUGGLE BUS 

1️⃣ You can’t be holding onto toxins 🤢 and expect to drop lbs easily. Your body actually protects itself from toxins by surrounding them in fat cells 

This build up can cause INFLAMMATION 

So step #1 your plan MUST include simple ways to get rid of the toxins naturally. 

2️⃣ You need to fill up on healthy fats. When I learned this secret… I FINALLY felt free from cravings… from feeling deprived… from the roller coaster energy crash cycle.

3️⃣ You need a healthy metabolism that is in fat burning mode. We make lifestyle choices every day that can BOOST  read more



Maybe you’ve been splurging a little too much this weekend… (or maybe all summer long, haha!) and it is time to get back on track 

Here are SIMPLE steps you can start right now to start feeling your best:

Keto Friendly Cleanse

Super Reds for Super Moms and Super Kids

SUPER MOMS & SUPER KIDS need a SUPER healthy drink 

We are falling into a healthier version of us one sip at a time with this SUPER drink!

Who wants to boost their immunity with a yummy drink your whole family begs for?

Super Reds for Super Moms

Look and feel younger with this fruit-infused supplement.

It Works! is rolling out the red carpet for this nutritional powerhouse of naturally sourced berries, fruits, and superfoods from across the globe. With more than 30 vibrant antioxidants and vitamin-infused ingredients, you’ll give your body all the Vitamin A, C, and B-complex it needs for an entire day—in just one serving. For a nutritious boost that helps build your body’s defenses to stress†, mix one packet (6.0 g) of It Works! Super Reds with 8 oz. of water or juice. Learn how to use this in your daily nutrition routine! read more

A SIMPLE 5 Day Sugar Detox – for busy moms


What if there was a SIMPLE 5 Day Sugar Detox – for busy moms

To help us get control of our sugar intake and UNLOCK the secret to lose weight, decrease cravings and control our hunger…

It has to be SIMPLE or it ain’t happening 

When your blood sugar is in control, you feel in control of your energy… your food choices… your emotions (we’ve all been HANGRY before )

This overall balance even makes weight loss a whole lot easier 

This is why I am so passionate about teaching busy moms how to ditch the sugar using simple swaps so that they can have MORE energy and confidence to chase after their dreams.  read more

It Works Pumpkin Spice Keto Coffee Review


Pumpkin spice alert! 🍁☕️

There’s a new keto coffee flavor on my coffee bar! And I am so excited. Brand new and just launched!!

This one has absolutely blown. my. mind!

The taste is amazing, the pumpkin spice is subtle and not too overwhelming. AND… it’s so easy to make.

I don’t feel like I have to add a ton of things to it to make it taste good. It’s great all on its own.

Ohhhhh and it only has 3 carbs! Compared to other pumpkin spice lattes coming in at 52 carbs 🙈. read more

The most surprising thing that happened because of my celery juice challenge…

For the past month, I have been drinking Celery juice every morning as soon as I wake up.

I mix up my organic celery juice powder and drink it first thing in the morning. – Easy peasy!

I expected to get rid of bloat… I expected to get rid of cravings… I expected to drop a few pounds…

But what I didn’t expect is this:

What What Happened when I drank celery juice for a month:

Start Your Own Celery Challenge Today

Read More:

10 Benefits of Drinking Celery

My 6 Day Celery Juice Challenge Update

The Beginners Guide to a Celery Juice Challenge

How to Make Celery Juice without a Juicer read more

How to eat low carb – even if you think you can’t

If you think you can’t go without sugar… this is for you!

Click for No Sugar Meal Plan

If you’re following me and seeing my no sugar September challenge… I posted a video recently that got a lot of responses.

I was honestly surprised with how many people commented on my video and said “oh I could never do that.” 

The majority of responses were people who were already feeling defeated – saying “I’ve already messed up so I can’t do it.” 

I wanted to share with you kind of where I’m coming from because I’ve been in your shoes if you’re thinking “I can’t do this” – and I’m here to help!
read more

Sugar Free September: Keto Meal Plan

No Sugar September Meal Plan

September means cooler nights… back to school… and busy schedules.

Did you know that people gain the MOST weight in September too?

Maybe it is that transition from hot to colder weather… maybe it is just getting out of a routine?

Either way… I have a plan for you!!

Most people gain weight in the fall… but you are not most people: )

Sugar Free September Guidelines:

  1. No sugar.
  2. Fill up our pantry with Keto Groceries
  3. Use healthy swaps to keep us on plan when life gets busy.

Need help with what to eat???


6 “No Egg” Low Carb Breakfasts

Low Carb Sausage Balls

Baked Avocado with Egg

Keto Friendly Cereal

Keto Coffee

Salted Caramel Keto Coffee read more

Low Carb and Keto Chocolate “Made in a Bag” ICE CREAM


This past week in our science homeschool class we made ice cream in a bag and learned about heat transfer and changing matter.

Aidy said “I wish it was chocolate!!”

So I told her we would make it chocolate at home AND without sugar too 

So this is keto friendly 


1 cup of whole milk
1 cup of half and half
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

Pinch of salt 
1 tsp vanilla 
1 tablespoon of stevia blend (cup for cup sugar replacement)


Two plastic bags. 
Rock Salt.


Put all ice cream ingredients in first bag and remove as much air as possible. read more