3 Tips to Get in Your Skinny Jeans without Doing Keto

I’m a big fan of eating Keto because I believe that a lot of our health issues as well as weight issues are tied back to how many carbs and sugars we are eating each day. But when you want to get results and aren’t quite ready for Keto… where do you start?

These 3 Tips are Helping me Lose weight without being super strict on Keto… but focusing on what I can do to get results without the struggle.

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Stock Your Pantry

If you haven’t grabbed my Keto Grocery List… stop what you are doing and grab it now sister! read more

The Top Keto Friendly Flours

Usually when people are looking into eating low carb or keto they start thinking about how to make keto friendly breads and muffins. These top keto friendly flours will help you stay on track and reach your goals without giving up your favorite foods.

Video: Top Keto Friendly Flours

If you are having trouble finding some keto staples locally, check out my favorite keto groceries to buy on Amazon.

I have been using these low carb and keto friendly flours for almost 15 years! When I found a way to enjoy my favorite foods with just a few simple swaps, I knew that I could eat like this long term. read more

The Beginners Guide To Celery Juice

Drinking celery juice has become popular recently as more and more people are learning it’s benefits. The Beginners Guide to Celery Juice will answer your questions so you can get the results you are looking for!

The Beginners Guide to Celery Juice
The Beginners Guide to Celery Juice

The Beginners Guide To Celery Juice

How does it taste?

It basically just tastes like celery. Very clean and fresh.

When do I drink it?

For best results and benefits, you should drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Do I drink it alone?

Yes. Wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else for best results.

What if I don’t have a juicer?

No problem!

I’m a busy mom, but I want the benefits that drinking celery juice can give me. read more

10 Benefits of Celery Juice

There are so many benefits of celery juice. It is even touted as one of the healthiest juices on the planet!

To get all the benefits of a celery juice, the celery should not be cooked and organic. Raw celery is extremely high in fiber and fluids, making it ideal for hydrating the body, aiding in digestion, and even helping with chronic illnesses and diseases.

10 benefits of Celery Juice
10 benefits of Celery Juice

10 Benefits of Celery Juice you should know

Cancer Prevention

Recent research has shown that drinking a glass of celery juice per day could give your body with eight different types of anticancer substances. These include phyto nutrients, which can help fight free radicals, which are believed to be one of the common causes of cancer.  read more

Top 10 Keto Friendly Groceries From Amazon

These Top 10 Keto Friendly Groceries from Amazon will make it easy to keep your pantry stocked with foods that help you stay on track and make healthy choices without having to waste time running from store to store.

The 13 Keto Friendly Groceries I buy From Amazon
The 13 Keto Friendly Groceries I buy From Amazon

In this day and age, you would have to be living under a rock to not know about Amazon and how you can almost buy anything from there.

Amazon Prime Day is almost like a “Christmas in July” when lots of different products go on a deep discount.

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Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs

Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs are a great way to keep your body in fat burning mode (ketosis) by fueling your body with healthy fats without any carbs.

Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs
Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs

How to make Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs with Best Fat Fuel


1 pack of BFF

3/4 cup almond butter or peanut butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon of coconut flour

1/4 cup of sugar free chocolate chips

Chocolate Keto Fat Bomb


Mix the almond butter & vanilla extract. (I microwaved for 30 seconds to soften)

Then mix in dry ingredients

Fold in chocolate chips

Refrigerate for 1-2 hours

Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs

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Keto Cream Cheese Frosting

This Keto Cream Cheese Frosting is perfect for piping on your favorite keto cupcakes, brownies, or cookies! We even enjoyed it with fruit.

Who says you can’t have your frosting and eat it too?

Yesterday was my husband Adam & My sister Aleecia’s Birthdays!! So, of course there HAS to be F͙R͙O͙S͙T͙I͙N͙G͙ 

This recipe is so simple to mix up! Plus you probably already have the ingredients. If you need help stocking your fridge, pick up my Free Keto Grocery List!
  read more

12 Top Keto Dessert Recipes

“Angela, I really need to lose weight and eat less sugar, but I need delicious Keto Dessert Recipes to help me stay on track when my sugar cravings hit!”

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to lose weight and get results you love if you didn’t have to give up your favorite desserts?

Top Keto Dessert Recipes
Top Keto Dessert Recipes

We are Angela and Adam!

We help families finally break free from their sugar addiction with simple and easy to do tips and recipes.

I wasn’t the healthiest eater growing up… because of my blood sugar problem – I would always crash (and get really sick) when I ate lots of carbs… read more

9 Tips to Lose Weight as a Busy Mom


Simple Tips to Get back in your skinny jeans

Want to squeeze into your favorite skinny jeans (or better yet, your favorite prepregnancy pants)? These 9 Tips will help you slim down and help you losing weight even as a busy mom.

Listen, your baby loves you no matter what you look like, but you know how you feel when you’re feeling fit, healthy, confident.

That feeling when your favorite jeans just slip right up without a struggle (yep, we’ve all be there!)

Mom life is crazy… right?

We have all these spinning plates in the air and we are just trying to stay afloat most days without losing our minds. read more

Keto Brownie Bites

When your chocolate cravings hit… this is one simple and easy recipe you can whip up with a lot of common ingredients you already have in your pantry!

Grab my Keto Grocery List

Quick and Easy Keto Brownie Bites

Keto Brownie Batter Bites
Keto Brownie Batter Bites

If you don’t have almond butter, you can use almost any “nut butter.” We eat more almond butter in our house, but this recipe is really flexible!

Keto Brownie Batter Bites 


3/4 cup Almond Butter
3 Tbsp cocoa powder
Pinch salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 Tbsp stevia
1 Tbsp coconut flour
1/2 cup sugar free mini chocolate chips


Mix together nut butter (can heat to make easier to mix) and vanilla extract until smooth. read more