What is the Diet to Conceive a Girl?

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If you are searching how to sway for a girl, you are in the right place! You may be asking… What is the Diet to Conceive a Girl? After much research and planning, I was able to have two successful girl sways and I’m sharing what I learned today to help other moms like me.

How to Sway For A Girl
How to Sway For A Girl

Is it possible to sway for a girl?

For whatever reason that brought you to this post… first off I want to say that there are many reasons why people search “how to have a girl” or want to learn about gender swaying methods.

For my family, I’m a carrier of a genetic disease that only affects boys, so I was very interested in learning how to naturally boost my odds at conceiving girls without too much medical interventions.

I searched and searched to find there were many different theories about how to conceive the gender of your choice… but what I found was many of them weren’t backed up by studies or research.

After my first successful sway, I learned more about what conditions seemed to produce more girls in nature without swaying and how we could create those on purpose.

What should you eat to Conceive a Girl?

What I can share is that there are studies that show that you can push your odds in favor of one gender or the other.

In normal conditions, more boys are conceived naturally… but it seems that in “harder times” there was a shift where more girls were conceived (this is shown in research!).

What we can learn is that when a mother is in a “declining” state, for whatever reason, she may be more likely to conceive a girl.

Two Successful Girl Sways

I have had two successful sways now… and I’m always thinking about what were the factors that worked in my favor to have a successful girl sway.

I want to give you hope that you can naturally change the your odds in favor of conceiving a girl… and I put everything I learned together in this book:

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Swaying for a girl was one of the most stressful things I have ever done… and I realize that stress actually can sway boy, so it’s such a balancing act, haha! But if you can focus on as many of these factors as possible, you can push your odds towards having a girl.

What is the Diet to Conceive a Girl?

My How to Sway for a Girl E-Book has recipe suggestions as well as more specific sways from real moms. But I’ll give you a good overview of what my diet looked like that helped me have two successful girl sways.

Low Everything Diet

What is a low everything diet? I personally believe that the Low Everything Diet is the best diet for conceiving a girl. This isn’t a starvation diet (and with my second I ate about 1700 calories a day) but it is a low nutrient diet. This isn’t a term that is commonly used, but is a popular diet to follow when swaying for a girl.

In most studies that showed a natural increase in baby girls conceived, moms were in a declining health state. Maybe they were losing weight through dieting, maybe they had less food available, maybe they were more sick or stressed. For whatever reason, their body perceived that they were not at their best.

The best way to mimic this decline is to eat less nutrients, less calories, less protein, and less healthy fats (again this is not a starvation diet, just less than you may have been when you conceived a boy.) This is the basics of a low everything diet.

Some examples of a low everything diet

With my second daughter, I ate “low fat” and “diet” foods – but I didn’t feel like I was starving, it was just low nutrient. I even ate some fruits and vegetables.

This idea may be against what you are reading on other sites about conceiving a girl… For example: I don’t believe that taking high doses of magnesium and calcium supplements help you, they may actually sway boy.

9 Factors that can help you gender sway for a girl:

1) pH – You want to be very acidic and have a low pH – not healthy at all – Cancer thrives in low pH as do many other diseases, but so do girls (Boys can throw a joke in here if they like). Additionally, I used repHresh and Sylk with are both designed to lower pH. I drank a lot of coffee during my sways as well.

2) Having lower minerals/nutrients in your diet – low potassium, low salt. Eating a lower nutrient rich diet will sway girl. Eating low protein, low fat, low calorie, low everything.

3) Losing weight will sway girl by making you more acidic as well as doing a lot of cardio and not much weights. With my first girl sway, I was doing spin classes daily. With my second girl sway, I decided not to exercises at all.

4) Some data shows that calcium and magnesium supplements can help sway girl, but this is even controversial to some. Lots of cultures that value calcium rich foods in their diet don’t end up with more boys – also most calcium rich foods are high in other nutrients as well. With my second, I skipped all the supplements except for Folic Acid.

5) Low blood sugar will sway girl. You can cause lower blood sugar levels by eating a high carb diet and low fat – low protein, because your body will have a natural rise in blood sugar immediately after eating the high carb foods and then will drop and stay low for a while before you eat again.

6) Low testosterone and estrogen will sway girl. Because having lower hormone levels can sway girl, nursing moms may be more likely to conceive girls.

7) Low sperm count in the hubby will sway girl. There are many ways you can lower sperm count naturally.

8) Heat will sway girl. Heat can affect pH and hormones. I tried to be outside in the heat and have husband take hot showers.

9) Artificial sweeteners (aka Aspartame) lower pH the fastest (I personally used more Splenda)

We now have had 2 Successful Girl sways

To our surprise and through answered prayer, we were able to conceive two girls and have two successful girl sways.

Our Announcement of finding out we were having a girl!

Here is Annaleigh’s Birth Story

Grab My Best Tips in My How to Sway for a Girl Ebook

If you are ready for my best tips and more sway tips from real moms who had successful girl sways, grab my E-Book How to Sway for a Girl.

How to Sway for a Girl

Have you ever dreamed of having a girl? Do you want some tips of trying to push your odds in favor of conceiving a girl naturally? 

Here is my personal plan for how I successfully swayed twice: 

Table of Contents

Page 3 Copyright and Disclaimer

Page 4 What is Gender Swaying?

Page 4 Why I swayed for a girl

Page 6 Two Successful Sways

Page 7 Two Sways Outlined

Page 9 How to Sway for a Girl Tips

Page 17 What to Eat

Page 22 Additional Sway Attempts

Page 29 Tips for Charting your Cycle

Page 30 Acknowledgements

Page 31 Abbreviations

Page 32 Resources

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