Top Toys for 6 Month Olds

top toys for 6 months olds

Top Toys for 6 Month Olds

Everyone always is asking what to buy for their baby’s birthday or special occasions. Sometimes it is hard to know what are the best toys out there for different developmental ages. Right now Annaleigh is 8 months old and so much fun. At 6 months, she just starting to really have fun and play. It was a whole new world for her to explore! We have tested out these toys. I wanted to share her favorite ones.

Here are my top picks toys for 6 month olds:

1) Exersaucer

Annaleigh loves that she can sit up and play in her exersaucer. She enjoys being about to look around the room and watch Aidalyn run around. The exersaucer also gives her a chance to use her newly developed head control and work towards sitting up by strengthening her core muscles. read more

Potty Training and Pregnancy


Here I am at 22 weeks pregnant. Annaleigh is probably a little over a pound now. Luckily I am in the easy part of pregnancy & ready to tackle bigger projects…

This is what has been going on lately:

Aidalyn and I have endured 6 days of potty training. I followed the procedure outlined in Lora’s Potty Training in 3 days.

Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome. Today was the first day we were dry from nap (going 2 hours)!!! So I would say in 6 days we have made huge leaps towards being dry all day long. read more