10 Ways to Add in More Healthy Fats (and eliminate your sugar cravings!)

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10 Ways to Add in More Healthy Fats

With more and more people realizing the benefits of adding healthy fats into their lifestyle, this question comes up a lot!


“How do I eat enough fat each day?”

“How to I add extra fat to my meals and snacks?”

“How do I eat enough fat when eating Keto?”


This is such a great question because it shows me that more and more people are realizing that we have been lied to!

Fat is our friend!


Watch this video to learn 10 ways you can start adding in extra fats to your meals and snack every day without the struggle:


10 Ways to Add in More Healthy Fats





10 Ways to Add in Extra Fat into Your Day


  1. Start with Full Fat Ingredients
  2. Cook with Fats
  3. Use Fats as Flavors
  4. Eat Low Carb Recipes
  5. Top your dishes with butter sauces and dressings
  6. Garnish your food with nuts, cheese, seeds, olives, bacon
  7. Snack on Cheese, nuts, eggs.
  8. Eat more avocados
  9. Drink Keto Coffee
  10. Eat Fat Bombs


Hope you can see that when you add in fat throughout the day it doesn’t seem so hard! I bet you will quickly notice that eating extra fat will help you stay full all day long and eliminate your sugar cravings for good!



P.S. Are you interested in starting a low carb/high fat diet like Keto? It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but with the right tools, it can be an easy transition!

If you want help, check out my new Five Day SUGAR DETOX CHALLENGE with everything you need to get started and get rid of your sugar cravings FOR GOOD! 

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