26 Keto Friendly Road Trip Snacks

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Now it is even easier to stay healthy when you are on the road and traveling with this list of 26 different Keto Friendly Road Trip Snacks.

ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings

We all know that it is WAY easier to stick to our healthy eating when we are home… but what about when we are traveling or on the road?

What are some snacks to keep handy when you aren’t at home that makes it easier to stay in fat burning mode (ketosis) and not ruin all the progress you have made.

Keeping your car stocked with Keto Friendly Road Trip Snacks can help when you can’t find healthy options on the road or when you just don’t want to stop to eat.

So let’s get on with the list!

Here are my Top 26 Travel Friendly Keto Snacks:

Some of these you will want to make ahead and bring with you, but all of them travel well!

  1. Pistachios
  2. Cashews
  3. Single Serving Peanut Butter
  4. Instant Keto Coffee
  5. Beef Jerky
  6. Cheese sticks
  7. Kale Chips
  8. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Chips
  9. Instant Fat Bomb Chocolate Mousse
  10. Keto Almond Butter Cookies
  11. Low Carb Sausage Balls
  12. Berries (Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries)
  13. Olives
  14. Boiled Eggs
  15. Pork Rinds
  16. Pepperoni
  17. Summer Sausage & cheese
  18. Single Serving Tuna Packs
  19. Bell pepper strips
  20. Cheese crisps
  21. Cucumbers and Cream Cheese
  22. Sunflower seeds
  23. Dill Pickles
  24. Flax seed crackers
  25. Sardines
  26. Green chocolate drinks

Need new ideas to stock your pantry?

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Keto Grocery List

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