Four Ways to Boost Your Immune System

If there is one thing I don’t have time for it is being SICK.

A mom spends her whole day taking care of everyone else, so when she is sick… everything falls apart.


What if you could boost your immunity?

If you could prevent yourself from getting sick, would it be worth it?

How expensive are missed days at work or school?

How expensive are the medications and/or doctor’s visits?

How expensive is the loss of time and energy that could be used doing something you want to do?

It seems like it would be pretty worth it if you could prevent yourself from getting sick. So where do we start? read more

Graham Crackers Sugar free, Grain free, Gluten free

Graham crackers Sugar Free Grain Free

Graham Crackers

Grain free – Gluten free – Sugar free

I was making snacks for my family and really wanted a graham cracker. I couldn’t find a recipe that fit all my needs. I ended up creating this recipe using ingredients I had on hand. I was really pleased with the cracker recipe. I served it with a cream cheese mint chocolate chip dip.

We try to eat gluten free in our house along with grain free and sugar free. It is pretty hard to find a cracker recipe that fits all of those requirements. I love that this recipe is not only easy to make, but isn’t too messy either. This is a great recipe to have the kids join you in the kitchen to help. read more

King Cake in a Mug

minute, muffin, cinnamon roll, icing, cream cheese,

Adapted from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smoorenburg/4377455448/

 King Cake in a Mug with Cream Cheese Topping

I may live in Richmond, Va now, but I am born and raised a Louisiana girl. On top of being raised in Louisiana, I have a birthday that falls during Mardi Gras. It became a tradition for me to have a King Cake for my birthday cake for several years until I moved last year. Then my mom, hearing my laments of not being able to get a King Cake in Richmond, mailed me a King Cake from Louisiana… Let’s just say I shared… but I didn’t.  

This year… I am so happy to be able to enjoy my King Cake in a Mug every day of Mardi Gras if I want with NO guilt! This is a grain free, sugar free treat that you can enjoy with a cup of rich Community Coffee.  

One thing I like about this King Cake in a Mug, is that it is really light and fluffy. I also love the cinnamon and nutmeg that go hand and hand for the perfect combination to the cream cheese topping. The added lemon flavor enhances the cream cheese “icing.” Obviously we are leaving off the sugar crystals… but you can close your eyes and imagine some purple, gold, and green all over your delicious, guilt free King Cake in a Mug.

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One tip to make your King Cake in a Mug is to top it with just a little xylitol. This will act like your sugar crystals and take you back to Louisiana. I also used turmeric to color the top of my cake in a mug. 

I hope you enjoy this little Louisiana gem as much as I do!  read more