How to Cover Scratches on Wood

We just moved into our dream house!!! It has been taking up a lot of our time getting everything as we want (and I’m sure it is going to take a year!)

I call it our dream house, because when we sat down and wrote everything we would ever want in our house… this house had it! Which I never imagined we would actually live in!!

It is about 20 years old, so it does need a little touching up and modernizing, but we are up for the challenge and having a blast! 

I’ve been writing many posts about getting our new house, and I’m excited to share this tip with you! read more

How to Protect Wood Tables

I’m not sure if you have seen, but we have had a very crazy year so far!

My nephew passed away unexpectedly and it really put a lot of things in perspective. We decided that we weren’t going to put off a lot of things we had been throwing around and one of those was moving closer to our family. We work from home, so we had the ability to move anywhere.

We started by selling almost everything we had in our house in Virginia. We went through everything and if we didn’t love it… we weren’t going to move it. read more