Are Sneak Peek Early Gender Results Accurate

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If you just want to find out your baby’s gender early but don’t want to spend 4 figures to do so, what’s out there? Sneak Peek Early Gender Test! But you may be asking: Are Sneak Peek Early Gender Results Accurate?


As soon as you see those two pink lines on a pregnancy test, you probably are itching to know if it is a boy or a girl. Am I right?



Typically, you can’t find out your baby’s gender before about 16 weeks without resorting to very expensive genetic testing (typically used for high risk pregnancies and usually costing well over $1,000). read more

Sneak Peek Early Gender Test Review

Updated with Results!


“So do you know what you are having yet?”


This is probably the most common question you get as an expectant mother, right up there with “are you still throwing up?” (which thankfully I have found a few ways to help manage it!)


Typically, you can’t find out your baby’s gender before about 16 weeks without resorting to very expensive genetic testing (typically used for high risk pregnancies and usually costing well over $1,000).


Plus, many doctors make you wait until the 20 week anatomy scan. read more

Your Love Never Fails… It’s a Girl!!!

I still can’t believe it. We found out 3 days ago and I’m still pinching myself.

We are having a girl!!!


She looked so perfect on the ultrasound. We saw her little legs kicking, her heart pumping… it all made my heart melt.

This pregnancy has been much different for me emotionally than with Aidalyn. With Aidalyn, we were just so excited about adding this mystical thing called a baby into our lives. Neither of us really had much experience with babies. We didn’t know what we were getting into, but we were thrilled!

We knew that PMD was a possibly and “tried” for a girl through supplements and timing of sex. I, at the time, did a lot less “research” in the idea of swaying and we just basically did what the first thing I found said to do. We obviously prayed and prayed and prayed for months (and years before hand!). To our surprise, we were blessed with Aidalyn – and what a blessing she has been to us!

I always wanted more than one child and absolutely LOVED pregnancy (albeit after about 17 weeks) and labor was amazing. I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to try once more. We talked about just adopting and probably still will in a few years, but God really led us to try naturally.

Again, prayers and prayers led us on our journey. I dove back into the swaying sites and found some really interesting studies. The current world wide sex ratio at birth is 107 boys to 100 girls. The only time this ever shifts where more girls are conceived is in times of famine and “bad” times. Also, having lower sperm reaching the egg resulted in more girls being born. Our plan was to change my diet to lower my protein and fat basically to a “tough time” situation and to reduce the amount of sperm through various means. I was also having very irregular cycles and took Clomid one cycle (the month I got pregnant). Some believe that Clomid can change a woman’s chemistry to be more likely to have a girl. I lost weight before we moved, but I don’t really think I lost anything when we were in temporary housing in the 8 weeks or so before I got pregnant.

We started trying to get pregnant in May – so it took us from May until September. A lot of that time it took to get pregnant (I feel) was because we were trying to reduce sperm so much that it was just not going to happen and because my cycles were forever long!

But it finally happened!

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We found out we were pregnant in October and then comes the wait… the longest wait ever it seems!

You know that God is going to be with you through whatever happens – boy or girl, healthy or not. The prayers and tears continued. Like I said, this pregnancy has been so much more emotional… for whatever reason. Stupid hormones!

Thursday, January 3rd finally came! I was so worried that the baby would have their legs crossed or that we wouldn’t be able to get a good shot. All day I prayed and prayed that we would know – boy or girl – by the end of the day. As soon as the ultrasound was live, Adam and I could instantly tell it was a girl before the tech had to say anything. We were both silent, just staring… We were feeling relieved and excited, but we were eerily calm.

As soon as we walked outside of the doctor’s office, Adam yelled “It’s a girl!!!!!”

God hears our prayers!

I feel like God has answered all our prayers, and has given us such a special gift. We have truly won the lottery!

I’m pleased to say that Annaleigh Parker is on her way!

She is measuring a week ahead, so it looks like I have another big baby on the way (Aidalyn was 9 lbs at birth). Time to get in shape to be able to push this baby out!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We are so humbled by God’s love he has shown to us. Annaleigh’s name means favored grace and that is exactly what I feel has been given to us.

Update: I have now had Two Successful Sways for Girls.

Here is my E-Book How to Sway for a Girl $5

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The Grassfed Mama is Swaying – What did I get into!?!

I mentioned previously about the idea of gender swaying in another post. We actually did sway with our daughter and it worked I guess. The more research I do, the more it looks like such a mild sway attempt – I need to give God all the credit of the sway! I feel he his ultimately in control of our gender choice and is probably laughing at any attempt we have at choosing our gender – I digress.

Osteospermum (Pink Whirls)

Osteospermum (Pink Whirls) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So our sway looked like this with our first daughter:

I was eating low protein, low salt, low fat, low calorie diet. We eliminated high potassium foods like tomatoes, bananas, and potatoes. I peeled everything I ate, because most of the nutrient in foods are concentrated in their peel (darker color usually too). I took calcium and magnesium supplements. I did spin class 3 days a week and ran on the elliptical 2 days a week – no weights. We timed intercourse to have a 3 day cut off before I ovulated (to have the lowest pH and right hormone balance before ovulation).

17.5 weeks later, I found out we were having a girl!

Now, I have recently completely flipped my diet to just the opposite of what I was eating when I conceived Aidalyn. I have been eating high protein, high fat, high nutrition (and do believe this is the best diet for anyone) But we are ready to try for another baby – I’m going to have to go against everything I know to be true and good about nutrition to get my body at a state for a girl.

The issue is that most research shows that boys are conceived when there is a high amount of nutrients present in the mother’s diet along with more calories. Girl babies are stronger and heartier than boys and can survive better in the worst conditions and tend to be conceived more readily when the mom’s nutrition is in a downward turn (although this may not be seen from the outside).

Example would be a breastfeeding mom. She from the outside is thriving, nourishing her baby, always hungry – but in reality most of her nutrition is detoured to her baby’s milk. So breastfeeding does sway girl. Typically breastfeeding moms are also losing weight and have lower testosterone hormone levels and reduced fertility – which all sway pink.

– So I need less calories and less nutrition!

Here are some factors that I have researched that sway girl:

1) pH – You want to be very acidic and have a low pH – not healthy at all – Cancer thrives in low pH as do many other diseases, but so do girls (Boys can throw a joke in here if they like). Additionally, I am going to use repHresh and Sylk with are both designed to lower pH.

2) Having lower minerals/nutrients in your diet – low potassium, low salt. Eating a lower nutrient rich diet will sway girl. Eating low protein, low fat, low calorie, low everything.

3) Losing weight will sway girl by making you more acidic as well as doing a lot of cardio and not much weights.

4) Some data shows that

calcium and magnesium supplements read more