The Grassfed Mama is Gender Swaying – What did I get into!?!

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Gender Swaying is the process of doing certain things like diet and supplements before conception to sway your odds in favor of conceiving one gender or another. Before I had my first baby, I did a little research into gender swaying and it was a successful girl sway!

Angela of Grassfed Mama shares healthy tips for busy moms.
Angela of Grassfed Mama shares healthy tips for busy moms.

Gender Swaying

Gender swaying may be a new concept some some people. I mentioned previously about the idea of gender swaying in another post, so it isn’t a new idea to this blog. We actually did sway with our first daughter and it worked I guess because we had a successful girl sway.

The more research I do, the more it looks like such a mild girl sway attempt – I need to give God all the credit of the sway! I feel he his ultimately in control of our gender choice and is probably laughing at any attempt we have at choosing our gender – I digress.

Our first gender sway looked like this with our first daughter:

Gender Sway Diet

I was eating low protein, low salt, low fat, low calorie diet. We eliminated high potassium foods like tomatoes, bananas, and potatoes. I peeled everything I ate, because most of the nutrient in foods are concentrated in their peel (darker color usually too). The more research I did lead to me to the conclusion that I was following the “low everything diet” without knowing it. 

Gender Sway Supplements

I took calcium and magnesium supplements. I am pretty sure that Adam took some supplements too, but I put more about that in my e-book. 

Gender Sway and Exercise

I did spin class 3 days a week and ran on the elliptical 2 days a week – no weights.

Gender Sway Timing

We timed intercourse to have a 3 day cut off before I ovulated (to have the lowest pH and right hormone balance before ovulation).

Successful Gender Sway Results

17.5 weeks later, I found out we were having a girl!

I’m Planning my Next Gender Sway

Now, I have recently completely flipped my diet to just the opposite of what I was eating when I conceived Aidalyn. I have been eating high protein, high fat, high nutrition (and do believe this is the best diet for anyone) But we are ready to try for another baby – I’m going to have to go against everything I know to be true and good about nutrition to get my body at a state for a girl.

High Nutrient Diet Sways Boy

The issue is that most research shows that boys are conceived when there is a high amount of nutrients present in the mother’s diet along with more calories. Girl babies are stronger and heartier than boys and can survive better in the worst conditions and tend to be conceived more readily when the mom’s nutrition is in a downward turn (although this may not be seen from the outside).

Example would be a breastfeeding mom. She from the outside is thriving, nourishing her baby, always hungry – but in reality most of her nutrition is detoured to her baby’s milk. So breastfeeding does sway girl. Typically breastfeeding moms are also losing weight and have lower testosterone hormone levels and reduced fertility – which all sway pink.

– So I need less calories and less nutrition!

How to sway for a girl, sway tips, conceive, pregnancy,

Factors That Sway for a Girl

Here are some factors that I have researched that sway girl:

1) pH

You want to be very acidic and have a low pH – not healthy at all – Cancer thrives in low pH as do many other diseases, but so do girls (Boys can throw a joke in here if they like). Additionally, I am going to use repHresh and Sylk with are both designed to lower pH.

2) Having lower minerals/nutrients in your diet

– low potassium, low salt. Eating a lower nutrient rich diet will sway girl. Eating low protein, low fat, low calorie, low everything.

3) Losing weight

– will sway girl by making you more acidic as well as doing a lot of cardio and not much weights.

4) Calcium and Magnesium 

– Some data shows that calcium and magnesium supplements can help sway girl, but this is even controversial to some. Lots of cultures that value calcium rich foods in their diet don’t end up with more boys – also most calcium rich foods are high in other nutrients as well.

5) Low blood sugar

– Lower blood sugar levels will sway girl.

6) Low testosterone and estrogen

– Lower testosterone and estrogen will sway girl.

7) Low sperm count

– Lower sperm count in the hubby will sway girl.

8) Heat

Using heat will sway girl. Heat can affect pH and hormones.

9) Artificial sweeteners (aka Aspartame)

– Eating artificial sweeteners like aspartame lowers pH the fastest (another reason why you shouldn’t be taking it)

My Personal Plan for a Girl Sway 

I am going to be off of my regular healthy diet for a few weeks (hopefully won’t do too much damage!) to get my system to be as ready to sway for a girl as I can.

I’m going to take a few supplements that are supposed to sway girl: Saw Palmetto and Vitex. Adam will take Licorice root. I am also taking Folic Acid.

I’m going to eat as little protein as I can and try to eat fewer calories overall. I’m going to limit salt as much as possible. I’m going to cut off the peel of my vegetables and fruits to reduce nutrients. I will also try to keep a low blood sugar. I’m probably going to add back in some grains (YIKES! White rice is almost void of nutrition). I know there are also yam noodles at the Oriental Market that are zero calories. Who knows! I haven’t quite decided yet.

What am I’m going to eat!?!

This is only temporary!! Can I do it???

I do want to say that I am seeing a professional care while undertaking this challenge.

Asking for Prayers

I would love to ask all of you to pray for Adam and I. We obviously know that this it temporary and are in no way suggesting that any of you should do this to yourselves! We are comfortable with slightly pushing the odds in our favor for having a girl and feel like God can honor that. We believe our strongest fight in this sway is God. We love him and want to honor him with our lives. We have a strong desire for more children and would love another little girl in our lives. So, again, please pray for us.

Thank you all for your support! And I will keep you all posted.

Update: Our second sway was successful! I wrote an E-Book with all my information about swaying for a girl.

$ 5: How to Sway for a Girl

How to sway for a girl, sway tips, conceive, pregnancy,

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  1. Angela, what method or research are you using for all your dietary references? I researched gender “swaying” very heavily prior to conceiving our last child, and it seemed that the scientific studies at that time that I found backed up the timing method much more than dietary changes for girls specifically, I’m wondering if there is new research out about it. We were hoping to conceive a girl (after three boys, but would have been thrilled with another boy as well) and used pretty much only the timing method (but got our girl!). I know 7 local people that all used timing and not diet, and all seven achieved the gender they were trying for.

    • I am using Trivers Willard hypothesis and Maternal dominance theory which is used my Gender dreaming.com. We will do some timing as in using a cut off – there is evidence that shows that timing isn’t as importance as it once was thought.

      • Thanks! I’m going to look into those theories! =) Because of what I’ve seen happen with NFP, I really think the cut off can sway girl, overwhelmingly it has in what I’ve seen in personal experience.

    • If you don’t mind me asking, what timing did you use? And if you know, your seven local friends. ???? Thanks!

  2. My OB, when asked about it, said he couldn’t deny that circumstances can sway girls-he said that people who are trying to prevent conception more often have girls, and he was aware of a study showing that people who conceive during medical school overwhelmingly have girls (80% of the time) as well as men who are under high stress. People undergoing IVF have more boys (75%) probably because of the method supporting lighter & faster XY sperm better than heavier and slower XX ones.

  3. Hello! I just came across your post, which is timely since we’re going to attempt swaying for a girl. My question is how long you did the diet and supplements for before conceiving. Unfortunately, I started my research too late and I had no clue all of this info was out there. I bought a bunch of stuff today (cranberry pills, replens, and organic milk) but I ovulate within the next seven days so I’m wondering if it’s even worth my time starting all the supplements at this point. That’s so. Much. Info out there that it’s a bit overwhelming. And I couldn’t find pH strips for the life of me today. Anyway, congrats on your two daughters. I’d love another little girl.

    • Congrats!! That’s so exciting!! I would go ahead and start the cranberry and use Replens. If you can also limit your fat, protein and calories this week, that would help.

      Good luck!!!

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  5. I need help I’m TTC a girl n hear alot about taking vitex or clomid this might be my last chance because the doctor s don’t want me having anymore c sections seeing this time will be four so I really want a lil girl or twins I’m trying to skip breakfast the diet seems really confusing but would your take on swaying for pink taking clomid or vitex any other swaying info would greatly appreciate

  6. Hello!
    Just found your page and noticed that this post is several years old. I’m
    interested in buying your ebook – is it still available? And curious what your current girl sway attempts are now at? Either yourself or friends you have helped. Thank you!

  7. Hey Angela Parker, I’ve been researching conceiving a girl diet but different sites say different things. Others say tomatoes favor boys others say it favours girls others say oranges favour boys others say it favors girls same to spinach broccoli etc. It’s really confusing hence I need a proper information pliz advice

    • Hi Emie!

      I can’t speak to what others did or didn’t do on their sway, but mine was based on a lot of personal research and talking with other swaying moms.

      Obviously I’m not a doctor, but I feel pretty confident with the method I used. I hope it’s of use to you!

      I do have more details on my sway in my Ebook if you really want to dig in. Thank you again for being part of our community!!

  8. Hi Angela, I’ve just come across your site and am interested in the details of your sway. A friend of mine just had a gorgeous little girl and has given me her sway details. She didn’t really do the diet though. There is so much information out there and I’m so confused about the diet. The gender dreaming site is full of information but confusing as well. I’ve got twin boys (one of my twin boys is our angel baby) and another boy who is almost one. I’ve started weaning my baby boy off breastfeeding. Does breastfeeding sway girl? I fell pregnant not long after weaning my first boy but m/c then fell pregnant with my beautiful baby boy. I’ve been testing my ph (urine and saliva) which is around 6-7 so not acidic enough. I’ve been skipping / delaying breakfast until around 10am and drinking lots of sugar free lemonade. I live in Australia. Our priority is a healthy baby but a little girl of our own would be just beautiful. Any advice / assistance would be appreciated. I’ve stopped snacking between meals. I have some
    Food allergies / intolerances which restrict me and am not sure exactly what foods to eat and avoid. How long should I be on the diet for?

    • Hey Jessica! I’m so glad you stopped by!

      Ok lots of questions, I’ll try to address them all!

      Swaying is definitely an evolving thing, some suggestions and approaches have changed even from when I first swayed over 8 years ago. So staying on top of changes is a necessary part of the process I find, and remembering that swaying is about pushing the odds in the direction you want. Nothing is full proof and we shouldn’t expect that.

      Given that, you can definitely push the stats toward one side!

      Nursing does tend to change your hormones, and tends to sway girl. pH honestly doesn’t appear to be the biggest indicator or control, it seems in my experience to be more about your overall state of well being and health.

      Your breakfast and snacking routine sounds good! Keep at that 🙂

      As far as a specific plan, I detailed everything I did for my 2 girl sways (and examples from other moms I have interviewed) in my Ebook – How to Sway for a Girl (You can pick it up if you really want to dig into the details – https://gum.co/mejp

      Obviously Gender Dreaming also does custom plans if you want to do something really comprehensive for your own sway, I feel sure we can get you set up!

  9. Thank you so much for your reply Angela.

    I will have a look at your ebook. Have you got meal ideas / meal plans in it?

    I’m just so confused with the diet because one website says eat one thing and another website says to avoid it and so on.


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