The Day I Failed My Gestational Diabetes Test

8 years ago… I was in my second trimester of my first pregnancy…

Everything was going well…

until I was 28 weeks and went for my gestational diabetes screening test.

I thought “I’m the healthiest person I know!” I got this!

But when my results came back that I had failed…

I was crushed.

I was shocked.

I felt all alone.

I needed a plan, but I honestly didn’t have any support system set up for myself.

All the recipes I had were “healthy” but used grains, beans, fruits, starchy vegetables. read more

How to Control Gestational Diabetes Naturally

*** I am not a doctor or a medical professional. Please contact your doctor or midwife¬†for approval before trying to change your diet, exercise program or lifestyle. This is just what I did that worked for me and my pregnancies. This isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, or cure a medical condition.

Pregnancy is such a wonderful, joyous time. You are growing a human being inside you, what could be more special?

Then you go to your 27 weeks appointment and they tell you that you have gestational diabetes… read more