How to Explain a Whole Foods Diet

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How to Explain a Whole Foods Diet

I am very very blessed to have a supportive family. We made the change to eating whole foods about 8 years ago now… making a diet change is hard on everyone. Surprisingly, it can be harder on your family than you think. 

I have two very good “Mama’s.” Both of them know about my health problems, and encouraged me to find a solution. Being healthy is such a journey, it doesn’t happen over night. I am very thankful for them for their patience with me. 

I also have a sister who is passionate about her personal health journey for her family. My brother in law is in medical school to obtain a Doctorate in Osteopathy. Both of them are also whole food enthusiast, so that helps when I need support. 

I do realize I’m pretty lucky.

So how do you start the communication about changing your health or diet with your family?

I think you need to start by being honest. Tell your family that you are sick of being sick and tired and you are trying to make some changes.

I think the best way to explain this “diet,” this lifestyle, is to think back to 100 years ago. When families had a garden in their back yard – they had chickens for eggs – they cooked in bacon grease (a saturated fat). Not that I would choose bacon grease today, but I would choose it over trans fat.

This generation wasn’t eating GMO‘s (genetically modified organisms). My great-grand father and great-grand mother both lived into their 90’s. Explain to your family you want to go back to the basics and forget all that you have been told about health in the past – because frankly it isn’t working out for us. American’s are getting sicker and fatter each year eating on the standard American diet (SAD).

Saying this, I think you should be respectful. I know I have not been perfect when dealing with others about my food choices. If you are over at someone’s house and they go through the work to fix you a meal, I think that you just count that in your 20% leeway and be very thankful you didn’t have to cook that night. You could eat what your best options are and if you happen to still be hungry later, you can always grab a snack. You won’t die from one night of eating off your preferred diet. I have the best friends in the world, too. They always ask if there is anything they need to avoid – We usually recommend sticking to vegetables and meat. Grilling is a good option.

I will say from personal experience though, I have gotten a nasty headache after eating over at a friend’s house – it was probably just a reaction to a preservative or something. It wasn’t fun, but it passed. I think you will notice you may be more sensitive or just more aware once you do eliminate common preservatives from your everyday diet.

How have you dealt with explaining your new lifestyle to your friends and family?

Leave me comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. My allergies first presented themselves a few years ago after my mom’s did. My family has learned to roll with the punches. They don’t do it perfectly, but I have made it out of most meals without having to pop a Benadryl, which is a grander feat than one might think. The most recent change won’t be as big of a deal as other changes have been.

  2. I do definitely get headaches and all around poopy feeling when I eat off my preferred diet, which sadly has been more than I’d like to own up to recently. Today I am starting fresh and starting over. There may be a purchase from the raw food website soon.

    • I am working on a purchase from The Green Polka Dot Box right now. It is so neat to be able to buy natural foods online now. Opens to door for lots of people who don’t have a store close by. Thanks for reading!

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