Frozen Snowman Craft

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frozen craft

Frozen Snowman Craft

Do you want to build a snowman?

Our family fell in love with recent Disney’s movie Frozen. We have had a week long of snow on the ground here in Richmond, so making a snowman outside doesn’t sound as fun anymore. Making a snowman craft inside where it is warm sounded like the prefect option. 

This snowman craft is made of foam squares that I bought off of Amazon (because I seriously buy everything off there). 


These are the googly eyes I bought from Amazon:

I used some colored buttons and some brown pipe cleaners to finish our snowman off perfectly.

snowman art foam craft


3 pieces of white foam

1 piece of orange

2 googly eyes

2 brown pipe cleaners

3-4 buttons (Aidalyn wanted 4)


and a glue gun


Remember to always use safety precautions when using a hot glue gun with kids. Make sure they know that the gun is hot and doesn’t need to be touched. 

First cut your 3 white pieces of foam into your body pieces for the snow man. You will want 3 different sizes. 

Hot glue the three pieces together, with the largest on the bottom working up to the smallest. 

Next, hot glue your eyes and buttons in place. 

Next cut our your carrot shaped nose and hot glue in place. 

To make the arms, cut about 3 inches off the top of both of your pipe cleaners. Wrap one piece about 2 inches down from the top of one of the longer pipe cleaners. This will in effect give you 3 fingers and an arm. Do this with both of your pipe cleaners. 

Then, hot glue the pipe cleaners in place for the arms. 

foam snowman craft, do you want to build a snowman


I hope your kids have as much fun building a Frozen Snowman craft as we did. 

Do you want to build a snowman?

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  1. Great idea. I wanted to share that I’m going to use the same concept but with Velcro for a party. Instead of pin tail on the donkey game a “Do you wanna build
    a snowman” poster for kids to come and take a break from jumping at a jump house party venue. No blindfolds just pieces to dress and build Olaf. I’ll send pic of finished product. I’ll more than likely laminate so it can last throughout the party.
    Also, Olaf is a great example of love and care he shows to Anna when she is sick and suffering. I might add that to your bible study. Kids love to help others and this is another beautiful
    opportunity to teach our babies about God’s love working through us. God bless you for your ministry to children.

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