How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth

How to earn extra money from your phone
How to earn extra money from your phone

If you are an expecting mama who is considering having a natural labor… 

How to Plan and Prepare for The Natural Labor you have been Dreaming About! read more

It Works Super Reds Review

When your 6 year old begs for her new super food drink DAILY… you know it tastes THAT good!

This is a TOTAL mom win for me too 

 I know that antioxidants are the key to GLOW 

 from the inside out.

Did you know???

Drinking antioxidants every day can 



▫️Boosts your health

▫️Helps protect against oxidative and metabolic stress to preserve a youthful appearance

▫️Supports your skin, brain, and body to maintain healthy, balanced defense against damaging free radicals  read more

Super Reds for Super Moms and Super Kids

SUPER MOMS & SUPER KIDS need a SUPER healthy drink 

We are falling into a healthier version of us one sip at a time with this SUPER drink!

Who wants to boost their immunity with a yummy drink your whole family begs for?

Super Reds for Super Moms

Look and feel younger with this fruit-infused supplement.

It Works! is rolling out the red carpet for this nutritional powerhouse of naturally sourced berries, fruits, and superfoods from across the globe. With more than 30 vibrant antioxidants and vitamin-infused ingredients, you’ll give your body all the Vitamin A, C, and B-complex it needs for an entire day—in just one serving. For a nutritious boost that helps build your body’s defenses to stress†, mix one packet (6.0 g) of It Works! Super Reds with 8 oz. of water or juice. Learn how to use this in your daily nutrition routine! read more

Low Carb and Keto Chocolate “Made in a Bag” ICE CREAM


This past week in our science homeschool class we made ice cream in a bag and learned about heat transfer and changing matter.

Aidy said “I wish it was chocolate!!”

So I told her we would make it chocolate at home AND without sugar too 

So this is keto friendly 


1 cup of whole milk
1 cup of half and half
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

Pinch of salt 
1 tsp vanilla 
1 tablespoon of stevia blend (cup for cup sugar replacement)


Two plastic bags. 
Rock Salt.


Put all ice cream ingredients in first bag and remove as much air as possible. read more

Is Your Child Old Enough to Babysit? 7 Signs to Watch For

Is Your Child Old Enough to Babysit? 7 Signs to Watch For

Babysitting is a great first job for many. It can also be a great responsibility for a child who has younger siblings. How do you know when your child is old enough to begin babysitting? Here are seven things to consider.

#1. What is your state’s law?

Whether you think your child is ready or not, every state has a law for a minimum age in which children can be left home alone, or in the care of other children. Look into your state’s laws before you continue on.

#2. Does Your Child Follow Directions? read more

5 Tips for Indoor Container Gardening

Here are five great tips for indoor container gardening:

  • Have proper drainage – It’s very important that you have nice, big holes in your pots for proper drainage. If not, the soil will not drain well and the roots of your plants will die.
  • read more

    6 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe Online

    Here are six steps to keep your child safe online:

    6 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe Online
    6 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe Online

    Talk to your child.

    It’s important for your child to know the benefits and risk of the world wide web. They should know that they should never talk to strangers online, add people who they don’t know on their social media accounts, and that they should never meet someone from the Internet without discussing it with you beforehand.

    Keep the computer in a family room.

    It’s important for your child to access the computer in an area where you can monitor what they are doing. This way, you can check in to see what they’re doing.

    Know your child’s passwords.

    The best way to be sure of what your child is doing is to check their accounts. Make sure that you know your child’s passwords so that you can check their accounts and monitor their messages if you grow concerned. read more

    What I Learned During My First Year of Working From Home

    Five years ago, I was a stay at home mom of my two girls and I was feeling stuck.


    Maybe you have felt that way before too??


    I loved being home with my girls! I had a 3 year old and a 6 month old. I just wasn’t ready to go back to work, but our budget kept getting tighter and tighter.


    What could we do? 


    Adam had a great job but couldn’t really increase his income at work, so he was throwing around the idea of taking on another job just to give up some extra room to be able to give more to our church and save for a vacation. read more

    How to Cut a Watermelon For Kids

    I don’t know about you… but when I think of summer I think of


    Fruit is such a healthy choice for kids. When they are hot, watermelon helps them stay hydrated because it is mostly made of water… They never turn it down… Plus, it is in season!

    The biggest problem I have with watermelon is that it is.


    Finally, I’ve found out how to cut a watermelon for kids to easily pick up! Plus, it turns it into a finger food which is great when they are running around outside or at a picnic or party. read more

    6 MUST Haves for New Moms [+ One Week Post Partum Update]

    I can’t believe my little guy is a week old already!

    I didn’t really think about the fact that having a baby over 5 years from my last would mean some different products and options would be out there. I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE things that I didn’t have during my last delivery that made so much difference this time!

    Here’s My Top 6 Picks for New Mommies!


    Here’s The Breakdown!


    6 Must Have Items for New Mommies



    After Ease Supplement: Helps naturally manage your afterbirth pains. I had a lot of afterbirth pain with my second baby, so I wanted to try something this time for it. This made SO MUCH difference! I had to use very little pain medication thanks to this. read more