Braidin Review and Giveaway

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Braidin Giveaway

Braidin Review and Giveaway

I am so excited to tell you all about The Braidin. When I first saw this product, I knew that so many parents out there would love to know about it.

This company was so nice to send me a product to test out and one to give away to one of my readers!


First let me tell you what it is. Have you ever been getting ready to leave and the baby spits up on you, or you drop some make up on your shirt?

What about your kids? When they are getting ready for school and drop some toothpaste on their shirt. UGH!

All these frustrations can be solved by the Braidin.

The Braidin has many uses and functions in today’s world.  Wearing a Braidin can reduce a person’s dry cleaning expenses, how often one washes their clothes, the life of one’s clothes and preserve hand me downs.  They are easy to put on (No buttons, No snap, No Velcro)  you just place it over your shoulders and the shape and fabric hold it on place!



What I really love is how they are great for kids. There is a stage where a kid it too old to wear a bib, but still makes a mess on their clothes. The Braidin is worn over their clothes so the mess stays on the easy to clean Braidin material and not their clothes. Kids are able to put the Braidin on and take it off easily by themselves.

A child wears a Braidin when eating any food or brushing their teeth.  Let’s be honest, anyone with a child knows that their clothes are food magnets.  In this economy people need hand-me-downs!  With 5 daughters, I need clothes to pass on to the next daughter.  A Braidin is an easy way to protect a child’s clothes from spills.  No more leaving for school with toothpaste dribble down their front!  Say good bye to your child wiping their faces on their sleeves….tell them to use the Braidin!!!!  They are great for children with special needs too.




What I love about Braidin:

You can save time by doing less laundry.

You can save money by needing less dry cleaning.

You can let your kids be creative in arts and crafts without worrying about their clothes.

You can give your kids some independence without worrying about a mess.


And now you can have one too!

The Kid’s Braidin is worth $22

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