Cutie Bees Healthy Clothes for Kids

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Cutie Bees Organic clothing for kids giveaway

Cutie Bees Healthy Clothes for Kids


Of course you have heard about organic food being the best for your kids, but what about organic clothes?

Pooja, the creator of Cutie Bees, discovered that her daughter’s clothing was just as important as the food she was feeding her.

Pooja’s daughter was having consistent skin rashes. After trying to eliminate various sources of irritants, she found that her daughter was reacting to the toxins in her clothes.

Pooja set out on a mission to create a designer clothing line for kids that was also healthy, safe and non-toxic. 

Your skin is your largest organ on your body.

If your baby is wearing clothing that contains chemicals or other toxic ingredients, your baby is susceptible to absorb the toxins into their body. The chemicals used to treat clothing cannot be washed out. (Yuck!)

Cutie Bees clothes are made from nature’s purest cotton and finished without toxic chemicals. Most cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides. These are healthy baby clothes. 

Cutie Bees is an environmentally friendly company.

Organic clothing is better for the environment (with less pesticides used). Cutie Bees even uses tags that when planted will grow flowers. If that isn’t giving back, I don’t know what is.

With every purchase made on Cutie Bees clothing, a portion of the proceeds will go towards Project Hope.  They really are a product that gives back.

Cutie Bees Clothes 1

What about the clothes?

You can look for yourself at the cute, cute styles they have available in their Look Book.

To let you know, these clothes feel heavenly. They are so soft to the touch. You will want to order a jumper for yourself to wear, haha. The quality is also very high in how the jumper is made.

social_sophistication_front strawberry_fields_front

The styles:

I am in love with how cute the colors are matched and the details of  all the clothes in the organic designer line. These are sure to make a statement at the sandbox.


Annaleigh is 9 months old wearing size 6-12 months.

The fit: 

Annaleigh is right in the middle of the size range and it fits just about perfectly from what I would expect at 9 months. She has more room to grow in the legs and arms, but is able to wear it comfortably.

We cloth diaper and this jumper is roomy enough for her double stuffed night time diapers. (Which isn’t always the case)

Ease of Use:

The jumper has a full set of snaps for being able to open the jumper all the way for putting on or taking off. This makes it easy for diaper changes as well.


I really love these clothes. I think the quality is wonderful and the styles are trendy. 


You can buy your own Cutie Bees clothes at the Cutie Bee’s website and save too!

Use a special discount code just for my readers: 

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Plus You can enter for a chance to win your own Cutie Bee’s Outfit today! 

Winner will pick boy/girl and size of the Cutie Outfit:

pink_cutie_front CBFW12023




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I was privileged to review this product for free in exchange for a product review, all opinions are my own.


What do you think about non-toxic designer clothes for kids?



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