How to Freshen Your Laundry Naturally!

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Essential oils are a great assent to any home. Learn more about how you can freshen your laundry naturally using the power of essential oils.

Do you love doing your laundry??

It is certainly not one of my favorites… but I do love all the tips and tricks of how I can do my laundry more natural!


Did you know that most laundry detergent and dryer sheets are FILLED with toxic chemicals??? It is crazy what is allowed into our homes.


When I became a mom, we started cloth diapering. When you use cloth diapers you have to be very aware of what you use in your washer and dryer (if you don’t line dry).


I started using Charlie’s Soap back then, and still use it today. With my cloth diapers, most of the time I would line dry – but I missed that fresh scent.


That’s when I learned that I could use essential oils IN MY DYER!!! These freshen your clothes naturally without the nasty chemicals from artificial scents.


We use essential oils all over our house. If you aren’t familiar with using essential oils, here are some really popular ways you can start using them today! 



Ingredients and Directions

I use these Wool Dyer Balls from Amazon.

I add 3 drops of each to wool dryer ball:

Lavender Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Reapply oil once a week or as needed.


Do you use essential oils in your home?












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