6 Seemingly Healthy Snack Foods That Could Be Causing Weight Gain

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Did you know that even eating the HEALTHIEST foods can cause weight gain? Especially if you aren’t focusing on fueling your body the right way and causing spikes in your blood sugar.

So what are some common “healthy” foods that may be causing your weight loss to stall or even could cause weight gain if you don’t pay attention to how much you eat them.

Watch: 6 Healthy Snack Foods that could be causing Weight Gain

6 Healthy Foods that Could Cause Weight Gain

Fruity Smoothies

I remember before I started paying attention to carbs and sugar… I loved stopping by my smoothie store and grabbing a delicious (and very large!) fruit smoothie.

I thought that it was so healthy for me because well aren’t smoothies healthy??

But then I realized just how much sugar (even naturally occurring sugar) could cause sugar spikes and weight gain.

Trail Mix

This was an easy snack I would mix up and keep for road trips… but when I started really looking at what was in most trail mix it was carbs and carbs and a few nuts.

Lara Bars

This is a name brand that we actually really like! They are super clean and healthy… but when you look at the carb count – they really could be causing a carb overload!

Especially if you are trying to lose weight… these may need to stick in the kids’ lunch boxes.


Again, a lot of granola is carbs on carbs. Usually oats and honey are a main ingredient.

Whole Wheat Crackers

Many people think that if it is whole wheat than it must be okay to eat… but all these crackers, breads, muffins really can add pounds.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is found in a lot of the snacks above, but a lot of people like munching on them alone too. Dried fruit is almost as sweet as candy and can be just as sticky too, haha.

Don’t be fooled by the “fat free” label… these are loaded with carbs!

What can I snack on?

Don’t be worried! I have a full list of my favorite snack foods that will not only keep you in fat burning mode, but will keep you full and satisfied too:

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