Episode 24: How I Grew My Facebook Group by 1,000 Members – Organically

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How I Grew My Facebook Group by 1,000 Members - Organically

Why are Facebook Groups so Important?

Facebook groups remain one of the BEST ways to connect with your audience, especially if you don’t want to run a lot of targeted ads. Groups naturally connect people to things they are interested in and makes it more likely for Facebook to show your content to members of your group.

The trouble then becomes, HOW do I get people to join my group?

Just randomly adding people won’t do the trick!

So in this week’s episode, hear How I Grew my Facebook Group over 1,000 members without paid ads and without mass adding ANYONE! Yes they all requested to join!

Are you not already in my group? Well we can fix that! You are one click away from exclusive free content, giveaways and a lot of fun!

Would watching a video make this easier? I got you covered!

Watch the episode right now!

Listen to the Family Hustle Podcast:

The Family Hustle Podcast
The Family Hustle Podcast

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