THE #1 Smartphone Free Fitness App You Need in 2019

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for little ways to improve your health and get a leg up on your goals.

Thankfully I’ve got something to help make 2019 your year!

Meet Live Fit!

This simple Smartphone app (for iOS and Android) is 100% FREE and is full of great content and tips to help you maximize your goals this year!

Grab Your Free Live Fit App Now!

The FREE app is designed to give you simple daily actions that will help you achieve your physical and mental goals this year.

You can expect DAILY updates with:
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Energy In a Pixie Stick

Almost every mom (and pretty much all the dads!) tell me that one of their #1 desires is to “Have More Energy”. And that makes sense! Being a parent is exhausting even on the best days!


Many of us end up drinking Energy Drinks, enormous amounts of coffee, or more!

Thankfully, you can put the Red Bulls down!


Besides them being INCREDIBLY unhealthy. They can leave you with a nasty crash.


But we need energy, Right?!? And we need it NOW!

 Keto Energy is the solution.




So so so good!

  •  B6, B12
  • Encapsulated Caffeine
  • Attack stress
  • Fight fatigue
  • Improve mood
  • Improve mental performance
  • Increase stamina
  • No Crash!

It tastes like a lemon head PIXIE STIX!

Best part?


PACKED with B6, B12 and caffeine (the perfect amount)… It is here to save your day!!!


Who wants to try it with me?

For as little as $1 a day you can get your energy back! That’s less than half the price of a Red Bull and you can feel good about using it!

Click Here To Try It!


P.S. I’m so excited about this new product,

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Vitamix Giveaway March 4th-14th

Enter to Win a Vitamix! Giveaway

Here is your chance to Win a Vitamix!


Spring is right around the corner and it’s already beginning to be gorgeous outside. A new season can be a time to start fresh, re-evaluate your dreams and goals, and get on the right track… again. It’s the perfect time to renew the vision of your health journey and get set for greatness.

We want to help! Anything we can do to make your whole family, real-food journey easier and smoother, we are all about it. We want you to be able to make healthy meals and snacks to feed to your family in the most efficient way… and what better way to do that but with a Vitamix.  read more

Homeschool Giveaway

Are you ready to cure the winter blues with a great homeschool giveaway?! With over $700 in prizes and 7 winners, this is sure to be a good time.

We have a great giveaway this month for all school aged kids, including character training, biblically-based art lessons, handwriting, and core subjects such as history and math. There will be one grand prize winner who will win all five prizes below, as well as one additional winner for the Startwrite Software and five additional winners for the Character Badges Bundle Set.

The Great Homeschool Giveaway

Moss and Magnolia Jewelry Giveaway

necklace, metal necklace,  hand crafted jewelry

Moss and Magnolia Jewelry Giveaway

I have the pleasure of bringing you this beautifully crafted giveaway today from Tricia at Moss and Magnolia. Tricia is a very talented individual. She makes these beautiful pieces of jewelry from her home. Tricia lives in Louisiana where she is a mom of  three beautiful kids. She is passionate about natural parenting. She is one of the four leaders for her local La Leche chapter which supports and encourages moms who are breastfeeding.   Tricia stays busy home schooling her four kids.  She is also active and severs at her local church. 

One thing I really love about Moss and Magnolia is how everything can be customized down to each detail. When I was pregnant with Annaleigh, my family was 1000 miles away. Her pregnancy was really hard (and the end was especially hard when we were out of our house for 8 weeks due to water damage). I wanted something to give to my family, so that they would remember to say a prayer for us as we got closer to delivery (boy did we need it). 

I called Tricia to make me custom bracelets with “Favored Grace” stamped on them. “Favored Grace” is the meaning of Annaleigh. It was the perfect reminder for my family to keep us in their prayers. I was able to pick out the size and color of the bracelets. They were perfect. Tricia even made Aidalyn a special “Big Sister” bracelet just for her. 

If you have any idea or jewelry creation in mind, I’m sure Tricia will be able to help you fashion your favorite custom piece. Here are some examples of my favorite pieces of hers. 

Moss Jewelry Collage

Our Giveaway today is the Hammered Copper Bird Pendant with added pearls (valued at $25) to be customized by winner. You can add a pearl for each of your children or family members. 

necklace, metal necklace,  hand crafted jewelry


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Trim Healthy Mama Goodie Box Giveaway!

Trim Healthy Mama Giveaway

Trim Healthy Mama Goodie Box Giveaway!

What is Trim Healthy Mama? 

In a nutshell, Trim Healthy Mama is an eating plan that can benefit anyone who is needing to improve their health. Trim Healthy Mama focuses on nutrition and balancing of blood sugars that help you lose weight in a healthy way (or stay trim and healthy). 

This is an Eating plan… not a starvation diet. 

You can look at my recipes and see for yourself that we are full and happy here at the Parker house. 

Sara, the writer behind The Granola Mommy, shares here why she is a Trim Healthy Mama. 

Read my Review of Trim Healthy Mama HERE

Read Why I’m a Trim Healthy Mama HERE

We both are so happy with this plan, we want to help one of our readers out and get them started in the best way. 

You can buy the book here:

 You may be a little worried about all these new foods, but the book really helps explain the why behind changing our diet. I have been eating whole foods for 8 years now and I learned so much from reading this book. I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight. You can do this plan even if you are a “Drive Thru Sue” or a “Farm Fresh Tess.”  

Are you ready for a HUGE giveaway? 

The Granola Mommy and Grassfed Mama are teaming up together to give this huge starter package full of Trim Healthy Mama goodies:

Bob Red Mill’s Almond flour

Protein Plus Peanut Flour

Bob Red Mill’s Coconut Flour

Bob Red Mill’s Rye Flour


Frontier Vanilla Extract

Designer Whey Protein Powder

KAL Liquid Stevia

All Prizes total at $75 

Follow Grassfed Mama on Facebook Here &  Follow The Granola Mommy on Facebook Here

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Holiday Giveaway!

Holiday Giveaway Grassfedmama.comIt’s Christmas-time!!!!

The time to give to the people you love most… 

And that means you!

Grassfed Mama has partnered up with some amazing people

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