Trim Healthy Mama Goodie Box Giveaway!

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Trim Healthy Mama Giveaway

Trim Healthy Mama Goodie Box Giveaway!

What is Trim Healthy Mama? 

In a nutshell, Trim Healthy Mama is an eating plan that can benefit anyone who is needing to improve their health. Trim Healthy Mama focuses on nutrition and balancing of blood sugars that help you lose weight in a healthy way (or stay trim and healthy). 

This is an Eating plan… not a starvation diet. 

You can look at my recipes and see for yourself that we are full and happy here at the Parker house. 

Sara, the writer behind The Granola Mommy, shares here why she is a Trim Healthy Mama. 

Read my Review of Trim Healthy Mama HERE

Read Why I’m a Trim Healthy Mama HERE

We both are so happy with this plan, we want to help one of our readers out and get them started in the best way. 

You can buy the book here:

 You may be a little worried about all these new foods, but the book really helps explain the why behind changing our diet. I have been eating whole foods for 8 years now and I learned so much from reading this book. I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight. You can do this plan even if you are a “Drive Thru Sue” or a “Farm Fresh Tess.”  

Are you ready for a HUGE giveaway? 

The Granola Mommy and Grassfed Mama are teaming up together to give this huge starter package full of Trim Healthy Mama goodies:

Bob Red Mill’s Almond flour

Protein Plus Peanut Flour

Bob Red Mill’s Coconut Flour

Bob Red Mill’s Rye Flour


Frontier Vanilla Extract

Designer Whey Protein Powder

KAL Liquid Stevia

All Prizes total at $75 

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 What product are you most excited about winning? 

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    • I love using peanut flour – I use it more than I would have thought too. I think I like how it is *cleaner* to measure than regular peanut butter too… sticky.

      Good luck!!

  1. I would be most excited about the coconut flower but I’ve never used peanut so that would be fun too.

  2. I”m most excited about the peanut flour and glucomannan. These are two things I haven’t had a chance to purchase yet. I have been doing THM for 2 1/2 months and I”m having to buy the specialty items a little at a time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I would love to try the Peanut flour. Yesterday I was told I may be allergic to gluten. so I’m looking forward to trying some alternative flours.

  4. I just started 2 days ago with items I had on had. Most of these things are new to me so I’m excited about all of them!!

  5. I am most excited to win the peanut flour but all of the products would be great in helping me get started with Trim Healthy Mama

  6. I’m excited about everything! Of that list the only thing I have so far is almond flour. Would be such a blessing to try the coconut flour and peanut flour. So I guess I’m most excited about those.

  7. The glucomannan – can’t find it locally and didn’t want to order online until I was able to try it first 🙂

  8. All of these look awesome, but I am especially excited about the coconut flour. I cannot find that locally. Thanks for such a neat contest! 🙂

  9. KAL liquid Stevia! I’ve never tried it. I really am excited about the other items, too, but most of them I have tried or sampled – and love them all!!!!

  10. I would be so excited to win the different flours. I can’t always afford to buy them and I miss making MIMs!

  11. I am so excited about this opportunity. I think I am most interested in the Whey Protein powder since I can’t afford to buy it right now.

  12. Thank you for doing this give away! I’m excited about winning the
    glucomannan. I tried it when I first started THM & didn’t care for
    it. I passed my bottle on to another THMama to use. Now that I have
    been doing THM for 7 months, and I can tolerate xantham gum, I’d like to
    try it again. Thanks!

  13. I think the coconut flour – I was doing THM and then when I couldn’t afford the stuff like the flours and the powders I gave up so hopefully this will spur me on again.

  14. Almond flour (it is ridiculously priced around here, and I actually have yet to order any). And I’m about out of stevia too actually.

  15. I’m excited for the Kal, because I’ve heard of it, but have never used it! And I’m excited about the coconut flour! We don’t have any available in our small town!

  16. Since we live in a rural area we are two hours from any store that carries these specialty items. Yay for the internet! And thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  17. This would so off-set my grocery bill! And it is all THM approved! YEAH!!
    So very thankful for the chance to win. Whoever is the winner will be VERY blessed!

  18. Wow, this would be so helpful. I have over 100 lbs to lose. And can’t afford these types of ingredients so this would be awesome!

  19. hoping to win excited about the whey protien powder and the coconut flour and liquid stevia..well, ok, all of it! haha

  20. Hmmm…I’d like to try the whey protein powder – but even though I’m not a huge peanut butter fan I’d be most excited to win the peanut flour because I haven’t seen it in a store yet.

    • I didn’t think I would like the peanut butter flour, but I use it a lot… however, I am a nut butter fan – so I probably would have loved it anyways. The protein is great for on the go shakes and snacks.

  21. hmmm, I’d love to win it all! 🙂 But I would especially like the liquid stevia and the protein powder.

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