6 Steps to Healthy, Younger Looking Skin

I didn’t really take care of my skin…

I honestly didn’t know where to start!

When I turned 30, all of the sudden I realized that I was getting old ๐Ÿ˜› and I knew I had to start a simple routine to take care of my skin.

I started using this skincare because I really liked how it used botanicals and herbs as its foundation – Plus, it wasn’t drying my skin out!

The first thing I noticed was how SMOOTH my skin started to feel! I had forgotten what healthy skin felt like! The next thing I saw, was that my wrinkles were less noticeable (especially when using Lip and Eye Cream and WOW) read more

May your Skin be Merry and Bright

I know I love to pamper myself (and my skin loves me back ) Especially in the winter, I have to love on my skin even more because the cold, dry weather isn’t kind.

I started using a Hydrating Facial mask & Aloe Bead Exfoliating Peel and have LOVED how my smooth my skin feels!!

I know that I love that I can pamper my skin at home (and this busy mom needs an at home spa that doesn’t require an appointment). Just put this facial applicator on your clean skin and wait 45 minutes while it saturates your skin and leaves it deeply hydrated. read more

How to Tighten your Skin without Surgery

Learn this simple process I learned to Tighten Your Skin after pregnancy or weight loss. This at home treatment will help you avoid surgery and tighten your skin.

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

About 3 years ago, I was 4 month post partum with Annaleigh (my second baby) and I was doing everything I could to get back in shape and feel confident again.

How To Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

I was eating healthy, I was exercising – but pregnancy had stretched out my skin and left me with a few stretch marks too. I was not feeling like myself… I didn’t want to dress up… I was just feeling stuck.  read more

6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil on your Skin

Coconut oil has been praised recently as something that every household should have… but what should we actually do with it?

What we LOVE about Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a pretty special ingredient because it isย naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Coconut oil is AMAZING for your skin because it is an excellent moisturizer. It can penetrate hairย better than other oils (and I use it for chapped lips too!.)

We have been cooking with coconut oil for years and love that it is a great stable oil at high temperatures and is dairy free. It’s nice to be able to use it in the kitchen and the bathroom!

Could you actually replace some of your other products for Coconut Oil?ย 

6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

How we Use Coconut Oil

  • We are getting into the drier months, so you will want a go to cure for dry cracking hands. As a first resort, we love this coconut oil because it isn’t as greasy as heavy lotions and moisturizes your skin well. If your hands need a little extra loving, add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil when you rub the coconut oil on your hands.
  • ย Shaving your legs just got more luscious when you use coconut oil.ย Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial, and smells like a vacation in your bathroom. Plus,ย your skin will stay hydrated but not greasy.
  • Your hair will love how coconut oil works as a deep conditioner. Just work inย a quarter-size amount into your hair, comb it, and then pile it into a loose bun. Useย a soft towel over your pillow to keep it from getting wet. In the morning, shampoo your hairย as usual and feel the difference in your hair!
  • Coconut oil is also amazing at breaking down your eye makeup (even waterproof mascara!!). Use a cotton ball with a little coconut oil on it and gently sweep it over your eyes to remove any unwanted make up. It will also leave that delicate skin hydrated.
  • Use Coconut oil as your favorite body moisturizer! It can even reduce water loss from serious dry skin (hello winter skin!)
  • Before you use a cleanser, massage Coconut oil into your faceย to give you a glow and helpย naturally fight any bacteria or fungus, plus it will aid in moisturizing too.
  • read more

    Back to School DIY Lice Prevention

    Can we stop for a second and talk about something — GROSS?!?

    Yes. I mean LICE ????????

    Back to School means sometimes these creepy crawlies can be passed from student to student (Oh, the horror!!) ????????????????

    What can we do to prevent these nasty little buggers?!?

    No worries, moms.ย I got you covered!

    Just a few drops of Tea Tree Oil can work naturally for you!!

    โœจMix 10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil into 2 cups of water. Spray on hair daily in the morning ???????? Keep in glass spray bottle (that’s important!)


    โœจUse Coconut oil + Tea Tree oil to rub into the scalp at night.


    It can be as simple as that! I love when a natural solution can be so easy to use!


    Have you ever had to treat lice in your house? What are you best natural tips!