4 Tips for Cooking with Glucomannan

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4 Tips for Cooking with Glucomannan

I love glucomannan. It is one of my new favorite additions in my kitchen. It is versatile for so many uses like thickening gravy to making a wonderful milk shake.

Glucomannan is an amazing addition to your diet to help with weight loss, blood sugar levels, and improve HDL cholesterol levels. I’ve shared why I love glucomannan in this post: “What is Glucomannan?” Today I’m going to share my Tips for cooking with glucomannan in your kitchen.

1. Store your glucomannan in a shaker.

You can use an empty salt shaker or anything that has tiny holes to help control how much glucomannan comes out at one time. I’m actually using an empty nunaturals stevia shaker for my glucomannan.

2. Evenly add the glucomannan over your liquid (not in one clump)

When you add your glucomannan it is important to evenly distribute it over your dish. Glucomannan works fast and you don’t want it forming a clump before you can whisk it into your liquid or dish. By using a shaker, I can evenly shake the glucomannan over my sauce or bowl of liquid when making pudding so that no clumps form.

3. Add a little at a time

Because glucomannan is so powerful at absorbing liquid, you don’t want to over do it. You can always add more. I like to add 1/2 of what I’m thinking and mix that amount in well. Then I wait a minute or so and add the rest. This way, you won’t put too much in a ruin any recipe.

4. Think outside the box

I am coming up with all sorts of new ways to use my glucomannan in recipes. You may feel like you had to give up some of your favorite meals because of your diet restrictions. Your limit is only where your imagination ends. 

Click for my Top Glucomannan Recipes


Have you tried Glucomannan yet? What are your tips for using it in recipes?

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  1. I keep reading about the possible choking hazards and the blockage in the intestines due to the absorption of liquid by this powder. I’m wondering if there is a risk of this even if the powder is only used in baked goods?

    • Hey Lynne! I’ve never actually heard of this! But I’ve used it for years as well as many of my readers so if that’s a concern it must be rare or due to using a LOT of glucomannan!

      Hope you are finding useful content here!

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