How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth: Is a Home Birth Right for Me?

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Have you ever thought about having a natural birth… but you were a little intimidated or weren’t really sure how to prepare? You may be asking yourself “is a homebirth is right for me?” Today, I’m sharing some of the Benefits of a Natural Birth and why I chose to have a home birth. 

Is a Home Birth Right for Me?

When people learn that I have had both of my babies without medication (and am currently planning my third home birth), I usually get a few different reactions…
“Wow! That must of hurt!”
“I could never do that!”
“How did you do that?”
The thing is… I’m really not that special… I’m not some super woman with an insane amount of pain tolerance. I am just a mom looking for another way to experience childbirth.
If you are thinking about having a more natural experience… or maybe even a home birth! but you have questions and just want a mom’s perspective…

Watch the 5 Reasons to Have a Home Birth




– Prepare your body and mind for natural childbirth
– Find the best support team
– Understand benefits and misconceptions of natural childbirth
– Discover if a Home Birth is right for you
Plus: Checklists, Exercises, & Best Practices!
P.S. If you know a mom or friend who would be interested in learning more about natural birth or having a home birth, help me spread the word. 

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