The Best Low Carb Sweeteners While on Keto

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The Best Low Carb Sweeteners While on Keto
The Best Low Carb Sweeteners While on Keto

You may know that too much sugar is bad for your health… but what are the best low carb sweeteners while you are eating low carb or keto?

Watch the Video to Learn What Low Carb Sweeteners to Use and What to Avoid:

What Sweeteners to Avoid


This is usually in the blue packets… Think Equal. Used in Diet Coke (Yuk!).


Think Yellow… this is also known as Splenda.


This is usually pink… This would be Sweet in Low.

The Best Low Carb Sweeteners While on Keto
The Best Low Carb Sweeteners While on Keto

All of these are quite popular… and all have come into the diet space claiming that they are a better option to sugar.

But are they really?

At what cost??

After I started digging into the wholefood space and learning more about what is in what we eat…

Not just calories… not just fat grams…

but ingredients.

That’s when my eyes were opened to how bad these artificial sweeteners really are for our health.

I actually threw away 80% of the food in my pantry.

So if you are eating low carb… what sweeteners are SAFE to use?

What Sweeteners to Use


I personally use Stevia the most.

To sweeten my coffee.. or even to bake with. I usually use some stevia blend.

Now, there are many different versions, brands, pure vs blends…

So you may want to test a few out to figure out what you love!

Monk Fruit



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Top Keto Dessert Recipes
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