3 Tips to Ease Into Eating Low Carb

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3 Tips to Ease into Eating Low Carb
3 Tips to Ease into Eating Low Carb

Where should I start when eating Low Carb?

Many of you tell me you struggle with eating TOO MUCH SUGAR!

I was SHOCKED when I actually started tracking what I was eating and how many carbs I was actually eating (this was after I was eating wholefoods!!).

Natural carbs and natural sugar can cause the same blood sugar swings as regular sugar. ?

If you are trying to EASE into eating less sugar and eating low carb…

Where is a good place to start??⠀

3 Tips to Ease Into Eating Low Carb
3 Tips to Ease Into Eating Low Carb

Eat ONE low carb meal per day!

Sounds simple but it starts with ONE. Each time you make a healthy choice, you’ll be more likely to do it again. When you feel overwhelmed is when you stop taking action. So pick one meal a day and start with that! for inspiration, follow me at Pinterest.com/GrassfedMama

Stop Drinking Sugary Drinks.

Thankfully there are LOTS of low carb and low sugar option these days, so you won’t be stuck drinking water (although water is the best choice!) I have lots of my favorite drink mixes that are sweetened with stevia!

Fuel your body throughout the day with healthy fats!

(Even your snacks!) Many people tell me that they struggle with snacks and cravings throughout the day. They may eat healthy for lunch… but they are starving by 2! That means they need more fats to keep them full!

Grab my 26 Keto Snack Ideas below:


You can finally look and feel your best WITHOUT the sugar ?⠀

Video: 3 Tips to Ease Into Eating Low Carb

Which tip stands out to you?!

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