We Threw out 80% of our Pantry… and this happened NEXT

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My health journey which led me to a more natural, whole food diet was not a straight line. I have been learning and growing in my understanding over the past 20 years and I think that a healthy diet should be viewed through a bio-individual lens.

We Threw Out 80% of our Pantry
We Threw Out 80% of our Pantry

“You may not be able to eat perfect… you can you make a healthy choice every single day”

My Healthy Lifestyle Journey

15 years or so we had an awakening… we knew we had to make drastic changes to what we ate… even though we THOUGHT we were eating healthy!

I was randomly passing out… and doctors really couldn’t tell me why.

They ran all these tests… and nothing gave any clear answers.

So then we were like, we are just going to have to do this by ourselves… and it started this natural health journey for us.

My sister was actually (at the same time) really trying to figure out what to eat for optimum health. She has a special needs son who needs a feeding tube to eat… and She looked at the ingredients in Pediasure.

The first ingredients were sugar!

She decided that he needed more nutrients and real food… and that started her real food journey (and she sparked my interest too!)

The first book that we read was “The Makers Diet.”

I remember reading that – we were trying to understand what was going on here.

We took that information and it really made sense to us! So we purged our pantry and really started from scratch!

We gave up a lot of processed foods, artificial sweeteners, “diet” foods…

and started eating more meat, vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, nuts.

1% changes over time make HUGE differences.

I believe that what we EAT determines how we LOOK and how we FEEL… What’s in your pantry could be the key to getting RESULTS and making a CHANGE in your life!

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We Threw out 80% of our Pantry and THIS happened NEXT

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