Episode 22: 4 Videos You Should Be Making To Grow Your Business

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Videos are important if you want to grow your business online. Here are different types of videos you can make each week or month to grow your business online.

It is no secret that VIDEO is the fastest way to grow your business online.

It is the easiest way for your followers to get to know you, trust you, and eventually buy from you.

So what types of videos should you even be doing?

Today we are sharing the FOUR videos to start making even when you are just starting out.

Types of Videos you should be Making to Grow Business Online

Creating a diverse range of videos is key to growing a business online. Here are various types of videos you should consider making to enhance your online presence and engage your audience:

1. Introduction Videos:

  • Introduce yourself, your team, and the story behind your business. This helps humanize your brand and builds a personal connection with your audience.

2. Product or Service Explainers:

  • Create videos that showcase your products or services. Explain their features, benefits, and how they can solve your audience’s problems.

3. Tutorial and How-To Videos:

  • Share educational content by creating tutorials or how-to videos related to your industry. Provide valuable insights and position yourself as an expert in your field.

4. Behind-the-Scenes:

  • Take your audience behind the scenes of your business. Show the process of creating products, a day in the life of your team, or the making of a project. This adds transparency and authenticity.

5. Customer Testimonials:

  • Feature satisfied customers sharing their experiences with your products or services. Testimonials build trust and credibility.

6. Q&A Sessions:

  • Host live or pre-recorded Q&A sessions where you address common questions from your audience. This fosters engagement and provides clarity.

7. Company Culture Videos:

  • Showcase your company culture, values, and the people behind the scenes. This gives potential customers a glimpse into the personality of your brand.

8. Expert Interviews:

  • Collaborate with industry experts or influencers for interviews. This adds credibility to your brand and exposes your business to a wider audience.

9. Webinars and Workshops:

  • Host webinars or virtual workshops on topics relevant to your business. This positions your brand as an authority and allows for direct interaction with your audience.

10. Product Launch Videos:

– Build anticipation and excitement by creating videos for product launches. Highlight key features, benefits, and how the new offering addresses your audience’s needs.

11. Storytelling Videos:

– Share compelling stories related to your brand or industry. Storytelling creates an emotional connection and helps your audience relate to your business on a deeper level.

12. Trend-related Content:

– Stay current by creating content related to current trends, events, or challenges in your industry. This keeps your audience engaged and shows your business is up-to-date.

13. Inspirational or Motivational Content:

– Share inspirational messages or motivational content related to your business values. This type of content can resonate well with your audience and boost morale.

14. Explainer Animations:

– Use animated videos to explain complex concepts or processes. Animation adds a creative touch and can make information more digestible.

15. Customer Stories and Case Studies:

– Highlight success stories of customers who have benefited from your products or services. Case studies provide real-world examples of your business’s impact.

16. Seasonal and Holiday Content:

– Create videos tied to seasonal events or holidays. This keeps your content fresh and relevant throughout the year.

Diversifying your video content helps you reach a broader audience and keeps your online presence dynamic. Experiment with different formats and styles to discover what resonates most with your target audience.

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