3 Tips for Safer Bath-time with Infants

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It is scary as your baby grows to know how to keep them safe all the time. I’m sharing 3 tips for a safer bath time with infants to keep them safe and clean!

Anderson just turned 10 months old and as you can imagine, my little baby is quickly getting into EVERYTHING around my house (hello, baby proofing!), so keeping him safe has become a top priority as he is crawling, trying to pull up, and ALWAYS on the go.

Even in the bathtub!

Today I’m sharing 3 tips that have helped me keep him safe during bath time, especially now that he’s no longer a “tiny baby” but nearing 20 pounds in weight and VERY wiggly!

Use a Laundry Basket

Yes you heard me right! While his baby bath (we used this one for reference) was great when he was under 6 months old and not very mobile, he is far to large for it now, but I still wanted to contain him in our bathtub and give him something to hold onto as well.

Enter a Laundry Basket!

I had heard of moms trying this trick so I went down to my laundry room, grabbed one of my plastic laundry baskets (I got mine from Walmart) and set it in the tub while the water was filling. Then I just set a few balls and water toys inside the basket, then put my little in too!

He was content and happy with the toys, plus I didn’t have to worry about him falling over or slipping while reaching for a toy (they can’t get away!).

Cover the Water Spout

You don’t tend to think about how dangerous the water spout of your tub can be, until you put an infant in there and he’s trying to climb the walls of the tub!

Since he’s bound to try to eat it as some point, I made sure I found a BPA-free, PVC-free and Phthalate-free option. We found a cute cover shaped like a whale and it both protects him during bathtime, and is super cute to boot!

Use a Gentle Baby Soap

Now that my little guy has a pretty full head of hair, we had to really find a soap/shampoo that is effective but still gentle enough to use in the bath. Especially since at some point the baby is going to get it in their face, that’s just life it seems!

I personally recommend Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile soap for baby bath-time, it’s plenty gentle enough for babies but cleans effectively. Plus it’s fair-trade, vegan, and shipped in a recycled bottle as well!

Bonus Tip!

You can also use the laundry basket trick to contain a crawler around the house as well! I tried this first actually before thinking to use it in the bathtub.

For a little fun, he’s my now 8 year old daughter playing in a laundry basket back when we lived in South Louisiana! I had just started blogging around when this picture was taken.

Obviously you are probably ALWAYS thinking about how to keep your baby safe, but I hope these tips makes bath time fun for you and your little one – plus gives you a peace of mind as well.

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