How to you eat Keto at Parties and Cook Outs?

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It’s a lot easier to eat keto when you are at home and have your favorite healthy foods on hand… but How to you eat Keto at Parties and Cook Outs? Read more to find out my BEST tips!

ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings

Keto Tips for Parties and Cook Outs

What are people doing today? Are you doing a cookout? Are you spending time with your family? or is it just another day at home?

Memorial Day is usually a day that a lot of families get together. But because our circumstances, it may look a lot different this year.

So I wanted to talk about how can we stay healthy, not only today, but every time we have a party. There are so many parties, events, date nights, birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of times when we are used to maybe splurging a little bit.

You usually don’t realize it unless you’re trying to make an effort to eat healthy. Then it maybe feels like a setback or makes you feel like you’re stressed because you want to lose weight, you want to get results but you also want to enjoy this social event and not stress about it.

So I wanted to share some tips to help you stay on track, enjoy your holiday and eat, enjoy food but without the guilt.

Now, I personally do eat low carb – I’ve gone as far as eating keto which is a little bit more strict – but I honestly I don’t even track anything anymore and once you get in a routine of what you know what to eat to stay on track.

But if you are just starting and you want to know what foods you know have carbs, then you might want to track it and a really good app I’ve used for many many years is My Fitness Pal (it’s free).

I wanted to share some tips to help you stay low carb even at parties.

This works for if you’re eating out or at a party. We’re going to focus on the basics of how to stay low carb when you’re not eating at home.

Plan Ahead

So the first thing that I want you to do is plan ahead.

If I’m going to a party and I don’t know what kind of food is going to be there. I don’t want to show up hungry. I always want to eat something before I go.

This may be something as simple as a Greek yogurt with some nuts – just something so that you’re not starving when you arrive.

You’re never going to make healthy choices whenever you’re hungry. That’s like whenever we go shopping and we buy the whole aisle eight, haha!

If you’re going out on a date or for a birthday party your anniversary, you can do the same thing. You can eat a little snack before you go. So by the time that you get there, you’re not starving.

Another thing is to plan ahead is just to make sure that you’re well hydrated.

This is a healthy mom tip I always share is just make sure that you’re drinking water throughout the day so you’re not dehydrated. Whenever you are thirsty our body sends a signal and we think that we’re hungry when sometimes we actually are thirsty.

Always make sure that you’re drinking water every day. Sometimes I will make sure that I bring my water with me so that I know that I’m going to have water while I’m there.

What to eat at a cook out.

Let’s get into what to eat. If you’re thinking about like a cookout or grill or something like that there’s usually a lot of meat. I feel like sometimes it’s easier to stay on track whenever it’s a cook out because you can grab some meat, grab some veggies and make an open face burger.

At a cookout, you can bring some sides with you. A lot of times, we have potlucks and things where you can bring some sides with you to make sure that you’ll have that low carb snacks and sides.

When eating out.

If you are eating out, skip on the bread baskets and skip the chips, because a lot of times we eat like over 1000 calories of the bread basket before our food even arrives.

Think about what your main dish is going to be. Pick a protein like salmon, steak, chicken and build onto it with low carb sides like broccoli and a salad.

Fill up on the right things, because I do not believe in feeling hungry and feeling like you’re deprived.

You have to make sure that you’re filling up on the right things. If you find yourself hungry a lot, then it means you’re probably not eating enough fat.

For many years, so many people talked about being on a low fat diet and they didn’t realize it was actually doing more harm than good. Our bodies need healthy fats.

Whenever you’re feeling hungry and you’re feeling the cravings, the very first thing I would do is drink water. Next thing I would do is think about how can I eat some healthy fat.

You can eat nuts and cheese and things like that but there’s also like fat bombs too! My favorite one is like a cookie dough fat bat bomb so it tastes like you’re eating cookie dough, but it’s full of healthy fat.

Fill up on the right things so that you’re not hungry, you’re not feeling deprived, you’re not dealing with the cravings and so your body can actually burn more fat, that’s what you want.

Give Yourself Grace

Now this is the last tip. I always share this is to give yourself grace.

If you slip up, it’s just one day. The problem is is whenever we slip up, and then we’re like, “oh well” and we splurge for the next two weeks.

A lot of people say one time a week is healthy for your metabolism to splurge and have a cheat meal. You can call it a refuel day.

It’s fine so give yourself grace. I would just say, Be mindful.

Whenever we are splurging, you can go overboard. I have new post that’s all about mindful eating. It is all about not letting food control you.

So often, we let food control us. But if we are mindful, we can enjoy the brownie and savor every single bite. We can say “I’m gonna enjoy it and that’s okay.”

Mindful eating is just enjoying every bite being aware and not out of control where it turns into overeating and a vicious cycle

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