Why You Need More Salt!

New You New Years: Changing Your Salt

Why You Need More Salt

Salt is often touted at something we all need to reduce in our diets. High salt consumption is blamed for a whole host of diseases like hypertension and heart disease. But new research shows that this isn’t the case! Salt is really a healthy food for our diets and is essential for our bodies! Along with other trace minerals like magnesium, salt contains sodium and chloride which are necessary for our body.

Natural salt is not something new to our dietsSalt is mentioned in the bible nearly 50 times!  In traditional cultures salt was used to preserve food and could even be used as currency.  Salt is still as important now as it was then.   read more

Three Tips to Getting More Sleep

3 Tips to getting more sleep
3 Tips to getting more sleep

There are a few foundations we should look at to make sure we are living out a healthy life:

Be aware of what you are eating.

Increase your Water

Include Healthy Fats in You diet

and Eat at Home

Are You Sleeping Enough?


One thing people forget about often is the importance of sleeping enough.

The CDC reports that insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.  Lack of sleep is affecting our ability to concentrate, remember important information, negatively affecting hobbies, driving, taking care of money, and work. 

When we don’t allow ourselves to rest, we are actually hurting ourselves more than we realize. Beyond reduced learning and memory ability, lack of sleep is linked to increased weight gain by slowing our metabolism, increased hypertension, and increases our risk for disease.   read more