4 Space Saving Ideas

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Space Saving Ideas

Here are some space saving ideas that Adam and I are implementing to help organize our house this year. Along with our health New Years Resolutions, Adam and I made some organization resolutions for our home. We moved to Richmond last year, and then I immediately got pregnant (and pretty sick initially). The house just has never been as organized as we would like.

Adam started reading a book about organizing your life and house room by room. We started last week in my sewing area and play room. This week we moved into the kitchen. So far we have made some good progress and I want to show you some of our space saving ideas.

Our first tip is to add more storage in unused areas. 

Shelf Above the Door

above the door shelvesWe have some extra toilet paper there. The disposable diapers for Annaleigh that we use when we go on vacation (we cloth diaper when we are at home). I have a small step stool that I can use to easily reach these items, but they needed a home. You could have extra soap or towels up there too.

Behind the Closet Door

closet organization

When we moved into our house, we didn’t have a downstairs closet for our pantry or cleaning supplies. We had a coat closet, but we really needed that extra space for a pantry. Adam installed large shelves so I could use the space for my flours, coconut oils, herbal teas, snacks for Aidalyn and cleaning tools and supplies.

We added baskets on the wall and hanging shelves behind the door. All this extra storage was perfect for helping us stay organized and have a home for everything that I needed close by the kitchen.

It still needs work! We are happy to have the extra storage for food items and such instead of a coat closet though.

Behind the Cabinet Door

We bought some organization baskets that attach to the back of cabinets doors for added storage. These are perfect for under the kitchen sick or in a bathroom.

Under the Bed

We store extra blankets, wrapping items, and some books in flat plastic storage boxes that fit nicely under our guest bed. This is likely a place you may overlook for extra storage for your home. You can craft short storage boxes with wheels that will roll out and back easily.

I hope that these tips help you start to organize your home and reach your organization resolutions.

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What are your tips for finding unused space and turning it into storage? What are your best organization tips?

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