12 Week Sugar Detox Guide

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Grab my Free 12 Week Sugar Detox Guide to start your journey to eating low or no sugar to improve your health.

Just say no to SUGAR!!

This is not a new idea. Lots of popular diets have come to the conclusion that our sugar intake is out of balance in our Modern diet and this is the cause of our expanding waistbands. Management of your Sugar and Carbohydrates is crucial for weight loss and your general health. When our system gets overloaded with too much sugar and carbs, our cells start storing extra carbs as fat.

Our cells love to store carbs, so they are very eager and ready when we over eat our carbs. If we eat a moderate or low carb diet, then we can burn those carbs before they get the chance to be stored as extra fat.

Our body uses carbs and fat for primary energy sources. So you can either burn carbs or fats at one time (not at the same time). Since carbs are quick energy, those always get burned first. If there is more carbs than can be burned at one time or more fat that is waiting in line to get burned… then we have weight gain.

Why is controlling blood sugar so important? High blood sugar could shorten your life. The Mayo clinic tell us that uncontrolled blood sugar can also damage the vessels that supply blood to important organs, like the heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves. Also eating too much sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut which could lead to more sickness and yeast infections.

“But I have a sweet tooth!”

Changing the way you eat will change your taste buds over time. When you cut the sugar, you will start realizing how sweet some foods really are naturally (like strawberries and other fruit). Also your cravings will reduce as you start eating more protein and less carbs. But there are sugar substitutes that are natural and won’t cause any health issues like stevia, xylitol, and  erythritol.  

A natural detox should help with your sugar cravings as well – usually your body will have reduced cravings when it is getting the nutrition it needs. So now you ask, “Angela, How do I get started?!?” Well, I’m glad you asked!! 

I have put together NINE of the crucial steps to take to finally break the sugar addiction and I’m putting them together in the FREE 12 Week Sugar Detox Guide: 

In This Guide:

  • Learn 9 ways to Break free of your sugar addiction
  • Foods you should be eating to crush your cravings
  • Worksheet that you can print out and use daily/weekly to track your progress!The most important thing you can do is start where you are – little changes over time make a huge impact! Plus, you’ll get access to awesome resources to help you make a lifestyle change! 

Join my free resource group to grab your Free 12 Week Sugar Detox Guide:

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