Two Side Effects of Drinking This Coffee…

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how does keto coffee help you lose weight
how does keto coffee help you lose weight

I started drinking my special coffee about two months ago…

I expected the boost in energy, the better focus, the curb in sugar cravings (Click to Grab my Sugar Detox Guide)


But there were two side effects I didn’t realize would happen… 


One thing I learned was as we age, collagen production declines — you’ll notice it in your looser skin, more wrinkles and less elasticity.

Your hair may even lack that shine or just grow at a slower rate. And sometimes, you’ll just feel “extra stiff” #growingolder

Now, I finally found an easy way to get what I need without the hassle.


Watch to Learn how this coffee can help you this winter:




I started drinking this coffee as my breakfast most mornings mid October… first thing I noticed was all the energy without the crash (which was HUGE!), plus I just stayed full a really long time without craving any sugar… (I’m a reformed sugar-aholic)


Then… the longer I drank it, the more I realized that my jeans were getting loose… I have been about the same size for three years. Maybe I would gain a little and then lose it, but never dropping below a size (and I was really okay with that!)


So this was a HUGE surprise to find that my size 4 jeans were realllllly saggy in my trouble zones (backside and thighs). This was almost becoming a miracle coffee, haha.


I was actually losing weight through Halloween and Thanksgiving?!?! 


I didn’t really believe it… like I kept thinking “maybe I just need to wash my jeans – they must just be stretched out”

But even after a fresh wash, they were still too loose.


So I went shopping… and I actually picked up a size 2 thinking – I am sure I’ll have to send these back “There is NO way they will actually fit!”


Low and behold… I left the store with three pairs of size 2 jeans… I’m still kind of in shock. But to prove it, I’ll post a picture of me wearing them: 



The second thing I noticed were my nails… they were getting really white tips and strong…. This collagen coffee is really giving me what my skin and nails need this winter!

I have never really been great at taking supplements… but one thing I am good with is drinking coffee, haha! I have learned that the key to success is found in your daily habit.


If you can take a habit you are already doing and make it healthy… you are more likely to keep doing it! 


I hope that this info helps you stay healthy this winter AND reach your goals without the struggle : )


P.S. If you are ready to start drinking my favorite fat burning coffee with me, click here to learn how you can save today!

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