Can Intermittent Fasting Help Me Lose Belly Fat?

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ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings

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I wasn’t the biggest fan of fasting when I was growing up… because of my blood sugar problem – I would always crash (and get really sick) when I would do it.


So I thought fasting just wasn’t for me!


I know many people avoid it because let’s be honest – WE LOVE FOOD. (but that’s probably the biggest reason why we SHOULD be doing intermittent fasting, right?)

There are lots of benefits to intermittent fasting (besides just weight loss) and this could be a really great first step of helping your body reset and start getting results you want.


So let’s dive in! 


What is intermittent fasting?


Intermittent fasting is going for a certain amount of time without food. In the first book I read about using this as a reset tool – it mentioned doing it once a week – which is a great start! This can actually be something that you add into every day… just depending on your schedule.

Most commonly intermittent fasting is anywhere between 12-16 hours without food.


Why would I want to do this???

Let’s talk more about that here:



Here are some of the basic benefits of using intermittent fasting:


1 – Lowered Insulin Levels

2- Cellular Repair

3- Protection against diseases

4- Longevity

5- Weight loss (especially belly fat – the most unhealthy kind!)

6- Reduced inflamation

7- Good for your heart

8- Great for your brain health


How do I start practicing this without STARVING?


I started a few months ago trying to slowing ease into Intermittent Fasting… because like I said in my video I wasn’t a huge fan of how fasting made me feel.


What I did first, was turn my breakfast into just a cup of Keto Coffee. Which didn’t have enough protein or fat to break my fast (and keep me in fat burning mode)


I found that this was SO easy!


I actually felt better by not eating real food and drinking this cup of coffee instead that helped me burn fat and gave me mental clarity too. A great side effect was that I wasn’t starving – I could easily last until lunch… and I was losing weight through the holidays (NEVER has this happened!)


The second thing that I tried was Ketones. When you start your day with Ketones, you will feel full without eating food, you will have MORE energy, give your brain that superfuel that it loves – and a great side effect is weight loss too.


We have been getting numerous success stories (almost daily!) by using one or both of these products for weight loss, for mental clarity, and for increased energy.


What might your day look like?


Start your morning with Ketones. (This will curb your craving and give your body superfuel to burn fat right from the start!)

Drink Keto Coffee as a mid morning snack (between 10-11)

Eat a Low Carb/High Fat lunch (or add a chocolate shake)

Eat a Low Carb/High Fat Dinner

(Don’t eat again until the next day – Your Fast starts after dinner)


Can you do that?


When I saw it written down, I thought “That’s so simple – I think I can do that! Especially with help to keep me full and keep my cravings away!”


Thinking about trying intermittent fasting?

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