Four Simple Ways to Drink MORE Water; Even if You Don’t Like Drinking Water!

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Here are four simple ways to drink more water even if you are someone who doesn’t like drinking water.

It’s DAY ONE of my month long Fit Summer Challenge! I’ll be sharing daily content on Grassfedmama.com as well as my personal Facebook Page on how to not lose your momentum during the summer, while still enjoying yourself!

This week we are focusing on water, and today specifically WHY you want to drink more water!

PLUS FOUR ways to trick yourself into drinking more H2O {even when you don’t like water }

Why do we need water?

Our bodies need water to function!

Did you know that our bodies are made of 75% of water? Every cell in your body need water to function properly!

You will have more energy when you are hydrated

You wouldn’t believe how many people reach out to me asking for help with energy. When one of the simplest ways to energize is just to make sure you have enough water.

You will Boost Your Metabolism

Because your body will have the water it needs, it will be able to work more efficiently, and that means a BOOST in your metabolism (and ability to burn more calories too!)

Water is an Easy Detox

I actually am not scared of the word “DETOX” but I know a lot of people squirm in their seats when they hear the word because they think it has to be harsh (or have bad side effects!)

But detoxing is just your bodies natural process of getting rid of anything that it doesn’t need.

Our kidneys are designed to help our bodies get rid of excess through our urine… but you need to make sure you are hydrated too!

Another way we detox is through our skin – YES, our SKIN!! 

Every time you sweat you are helping your body naturally detox… but the more you sweat, the more you need to replenish the water you are losing.

“So Remember… Water, Water, You have to Drink Way More Water than You Think!”

Drinking Water Helps with Misread Hunger Cues

Our body can get confused easily… between feeling thirsty and hungry – it really has trouble telling the difference.

If you are trying to limit your calories, or watch your portions, one easy way to start is just by drinking a large glass of water before your meals and snacks. This will help you not to overeat and make sure you are filling the need for thirst first!

What if I don’t like the taste of water?!?!

4 Ways to Add Flavor to Your Water

Fruit Infused Water is a great way to get a fruity taste with all the benefits of water! There are special fruit infused water bottles – or you can just fill a large pitcher of water with a few pieces of fruit and let sit overnight. You will LOVE all the combinations you find!

I love cucumber, mint, and lemon!

My favorite hack is adding my berry superfood powder to my water. Then, I not only get my water I need, I also get my daily servings of fruits and vegetables too. This has been a lifehack for me! Now, I don’t have to worry about missing a single superfood.

Berry Flavored Decaf Teas came in handy when I was dealing with really bad aversions to water when I was in my first trimester. They had a fruity flavor without the caffeine.

Turning boring water into lemonade is another trick I learned.  It was super simple too! I used stevia to sweeten. With a little lemon and a lot of water –  I was getting all the water I needed!

Sparking water is becoming a lot more popular these days, and can be a good way to ease into drinking more water if you aren’t used to it yet.

What are your favorite ways to drink more water?


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