4 Reasons You May Struggle with Dry, Dull Winter Skin

Winter is here!

Although I enjoy sitting by the fire, sipping my favorite Keto Hot Chocolate, and warm blankets, I DON’T love what the colder and drier weather does to my skin. 

Once I turned 30, I really started trying to figure out how to properly take care of my skin, especially in the winter months. 

Thankfully, even a busy. multitasking mama can find time to take care of my skin with these tips:

My Skincare Routine

1- Exfoliating Peel

Once a week, I use an exfoliating peel when I’m getting an shower. This specific one uses natural fruit extracts and aloe beads to take off the dull dry dead skin that is hiding your natural glow. This is for you if you want to take off the dead skin and reveal younger looking skin with just one step a week.  read more

NEW! Dr. Nassif’s It Works Skincare: Lash Serum, Firming Neck Cream, and Illuminating Facial Pads


I’m getting older  – it happens, haha!

But I’ve learned that I can not only slow down the aging process… I can actually SEE results now –  without needing invasive treatments 🥳

 There are THREE main concerns women have these days:

  1.  Want Fuller, Longer Lashes
  2.  Want to Lift and Smooth their neckline
  3.  Want a Smoother, Glowing, Fresh complexion

Can you relate to any of these? 

Now we can get the BEST treatment that gets RESULTS without surgery,  side effects,  or leaving your house! 

Dr.Nassif's It Works Products
Dr.Nassif’s It Works Products


If you could pick ONE to improve before Christmas… what would you want MOST?? read more

It Works BeautyWorks Skincare Review


Mama, don’t forget to take care of yourself 

A simple way to start is with a weekly Spa Night!  No need for a sitter, just take a minute to relax and turn on your favorite show.

You’ll feel rejuvenated and your skin will feel smoother too. You deserve it!

Great skincare starts here.

The It Works! BeautyWorks collection is uniquely formulated to nourish your skin from the inside out with a simple, easy-to-follow routine. The five included products help reduce the effects of aging while cleansing your skin to give you a glowing, radiant look you’ll love. read more

How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth

How to earn extra money from your phone
How to earn extra money from your phone

If you are an expecting mama who is considering having a natural labor… 

How to Plan and Prepare for The Natural Labor you have been Dreaming About! read more



1- Blueberries

2- Salmon

3- Oats

4- Sweet Potatoes

5- Walnuts

6- Spinach

7- Pumpkin

8- Eggs

9- Lentils

10- Greek Yogurt

So many people have been reaching out to me asking about how I have avoided the postpartum hair loss AND have grown my hair even healthier than ever before!

I believe that the best kept BEAUTY SECRETS are ones that use natural ingredients…

But this should be kept a secret at all!

If you are ready to grow healthier + LONGER + stronger + thicker hair… FAST 


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Four Benefits From Drinking Celery Juice for one month

 FOUR BENEFITS FROM DRINKING CELERY JUICE ~ one month update and experience 

So to start I was a complete skeptic.

 I was already drinking my detoxing greens daily… had done a few cleanses this summer… eat fairly healthy.


 What else was I missing??

What could drinking 8oz of celery juice first thing in the morning ACTUALLY help me with?  like honestly….

But here are the BIGGEST wins!


I honestly didn’t know I could be this regular… 

 but this is what a healthy body SHOULD be doing. If you aren’t emptying your bowels daily (or up to 3x daily) you are constipated and holding onto toxins. read more

Are You Ready for a Tropical Escape?

Home and ready for a tropical escape 🏝 or maybe I’ll just settle for some quiet time and my tropical fruit beauty drink 🍹😂

I started drinking this tropical beauty drink when I was pregnant because I knew that drinking all 5 types of collagen in one drink could help my joint pain and my skin 😘

I never knew how important collagen was until recently (and getting ALL 5 types—not just one or two like you typically find OTC), and now I’ll never go a day without it! 

In case you didn’t know about collagen… read more

Are You Embarrassed About Postpartum Hair Loss?

How to Improve Your Postpartum Hair:

Drink Collagen Daily

Use a Hair Skin Nails Supplement

Links to What’s Mentioned in the Video:

Try Collagen Start Your Own Hair Skin Nails Challenge

These 5 Secrets Will Improve Your Postpartum Hair

How to Improve Your Postpartum Hair:

Drink More Water

Eat Healthy Fats

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Drink Collagen Daily

Use a Hair Skin Nails Supplement

Links to What’s Mentioned in the Video:

Try Collagen Start Your Own Hair Skin Nails Challenge

My 3rd Home Birth Story

Is Home Birth Right for You?

SIX MONTHS AGO… I had a baby in my bedroom.

(That’s one way to start a conversation, right? Haha!)

I was 3 days away from my due date… feeling pretty miserable…

I was not feeling like the pregnant Goddess in the picture above…


I was not sleeping. My stomach felt so HUGE! It was so hard to get comfortable at night…

I’m just telling it like it was… I was laying in bed praying that I would go into labor because I really didn’t think I could make it much longer. read more