It Works Keto Tea Review

ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings


Do you want to reduce your cravings and stay in fat burning more? Now you can without the caffeine with It Works Keto Tea!



When we released the Keto Tea, I was really excited because I was already in LOVE with Keto Coffee but sometimes I don’t need the caffeine.

I would get cravings late and night and I KNEW that one cup of Keto Coffee could help me stay full… but I didn’t want to drink it and then not be able to sleep, ha! The struggle is REAL!

Also, I talk to countless people day after day who would reach out and ask about how I’m losing weight or recommendation to help them reach their goals – and they can’t have caffeine. read more

It Works Collagen Works Review

ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings


Collagen powder and drinking collagen has become more and more popular as people are realizing the health benefits. Now you can enjoy a tropical fruit collagen drink with It Works Collagen and get all the natural beauty and health benefits you have been searching for.


What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body… think about it like it is the glue that is holding everything together. Collagen is the sticky stuff to hold joints, skin etc.

When we lose collagen we notice aging, more aches and pains. read more

Healthy Hair Skin and Nails

Are you ready for healthy hair, skin, and nails?

This was me!


I was ready for healthy hair that I could be proud of… 


What could I do???


I just wanted to have healthier hair, skin and nails again…

I decided to take the hair skin nails challenge and loved my results!!


Healthy Hair Skin and Nails 


When I saw how simple it could be, I couldn’t wait to get started…


I started the 90 Day Hair, Skin and Nails Challenge!


I took the hair, skin, and nails challenge, because I wanted my hair to be healthier. Plus, It was so super easy – I knew I could follow through even when life was crazy as a mom.  read more

4 Reasons You May Struggle with Dry, Dull Winter Skin

Winter is here!

Although I enjoy sitting by the fire, sipping my favorite Keto Hot Chocolate, and warm blankets, I DON’T love what the colder and drier weather does to my skin. 

Once I turned 30, I really started trying to figure out how to properly take care of my skin, especially in the winter months. 

Thankfully, even a busy. multitasking mama can find time to take care of my skin with these tips:

My Skincare Routine

1- Exfoliating Peel

Once a week, I use an exfoliating peel when I’m getting an shower. This specific one uses natural fruit extracts and aloe beads to take off the dull dry dead skin that is hiding your natural glow. This is for you if you want to take off the dead skin and reveal younger looking skin with just one step a week.  read more

NEW! Dr. Nassif’s It Works Skincare: Lash Serum, Firming Neck Cream, and Illuminating Facial Pads


I’m getting older  – it happens, haha!

But I’ve learned that I can not only slow down the aging process… I can actually SEE results now –  without needing invasive treatments ?

 There are THREE main concerns women have these days:

  1.  Want Fuller, Longer Lashes
  2.  Want to Lift and Smooth their neckline
  3.  Want a Smoother, Glowing, Fresh complexion

Can you relate to any of these? 

Now we can get the BEST treatment that gets RESULTS without surgery,  side effects,  or leaving your house! 

Dr.Nassif's It Works Products
Dr.Nassif’s It Works Products


If you could pick ONE to improve before Christmas… what would you want MOST?? read more

It Works BeautyWorks Skincare Review

What is the new line from It Works BeautyWorks Skincare and what are the natural ingredients that make it work so well for keeping skin looking and feeling refreshed.


Mama, don’t forget to take care of yourself 

Self Care Tip: A simple way to start is with a weekly Spa Night!  No need for a sitter, just take a minute to relax and turn on your favorite show.

You’ll feel rejuvenated and your skin will feel smoother too. You deserve it!


Why is skincare so important?

Full disclosure, I didn’t start taking care of my skin until I was 30. read more

How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth

How to earn extra money from your phone
How to earn extra money from your phone

If you are an expecting mama who is considering having a natural labor… 

How to Plan and Prepare for The Natural Labor you have been Dreaming About! read more


Did you know that healthier hair could just be a snack away? Here are 10 Best Foods for Healthy hair and how you can eat your way to better hair.




1- Blueberries

2- Salmon

3- Oats

4- Sweet Potatoes

5- Walnuts

6- Spinach

7- Pumpkin

8- Eggs

9- Lentils

10- Greek Yogurt



So many people have been reaching out to me asking about what I use for my hair.

I believe that the best kept BEAUTY SECRETS are ones that use natural ingredients…

But this should be kept a secret at all!

If you are ready for healthier hair…


…. and if you want to be one of the first to try my NEW & updated formula… you need to click the button below: read more

Four Benefits From Drinking Celery Juice for one month

FOUR BENEFITS FROM DRINKING CELERY JUICE ~ my one month update and experience.

ditch your sugar cravings
ditch your sugar cravings


So to start I was a complete skeptic.

 I was already drinking my detoxing greens daily… had done a few cleanses this summer… eat fairly healthy.


 What else was I missing??

What could drinking 8oz of celery juice first thing in the morning ACTUALLY help me with?  like honestly….

But here are the BIGGEST wins!

4 Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice



I honestly didn’t know I could be this regular… 

 but this is what a healthy body SHOULD be doing. If you aren’t emptying your bowels daily (or up to 3x daily) you are constipated and holding onto toxins. read more

Are You Ready for a Tropical Escape?

Home and ready for a tropical escape ? or maybe I’ll just settle for some quiet time and my tropical fruit beauty drink ??

I started drinking this tropical beauty drink when I was pregnant because I knew that drinking all 5 types of collagen in one drink could help my joint pain and my skin ?

I never knew how important collagen was until recently (and getting ALL 5 types—not just one or two like you typically find OTC), and now I’ll never go a day without it! 

In case you didn’t know about collagen… read more