My 3rd Home Birth Story

Is Home Birth Right for You?

SIX MONTH AGO… I had a baby in my bedroom.

(That’s one way to start a conversation, right? Haha!)

I was 3 days away from my due date… feeling pretty miserable…

I was not feeling like the pregnant Goddess in the picture above…


I was not sleeping. My stomach felt so HUGE! It was so hard to get comfortable at night…

I’m just telling it like it was… I was laying in bed praying that I would go into labor because I really didn’t think I could make it much longer. read more

What is the Difference between Stretch Mark Cream and Defining Gel?

I was getting this question, so I thought I would share my own experience using both Defining Gel and Stretch Mark Cream – and what the difference between them are!


Video: What is the Difference between Stretch Mark Cream and Defining Gel?




What is Defining Gel?


We are all about Healthy Skin! What are your biggest skin concerns?


Enhance your tightening, toning, and firming results with this deep moisturizing, body contouring gel. Defining Gel helps to firm problem areas, such as the abdomen, legs, and upper arms, while improving skin texture.

  • Improves skin texture & tightness
  • Redefines the appearance of your body’s contours
  • Softens and hydrates the skin


This gel can be used daily to help you get quick results and love your skin.

Which of these issues you could use Defining Gel to help with:

– Cellulite
– Varicose veins
– Spider veins
– Eczema
– Psoriasis
– Sunburns
– Bug Bites
– Scars




What is Stretch Mark Cream?


Stretch Mark Cream is a deep hydration for all your skin with the nourishing botanicals of this non-greasy moisturizing body cream that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and looking more youthful.

  • Enhances skin elasticity and firmness
  • Balances skin tone with nourishing botanicals
  • Rejuvenates and hydrates in a non-greasy formula
  • Restores your skin’s youthful appearance
  • read more

    How to Turn back the Hands of Time – Look Younger Naturally!

    This drink will help you look younger naturally!

    I have been geeking out over the past week… and what I have been learning about has completely blown me away!!

    Of course, I HAD to share what I’ve learned with you (You are going to love this!)


    How to Turn back the Hands of Time – Naturally! and Look Younger!


    Watch My Latest Video to Learn:

    • Why we start aging FASTER after 30
    • What we are losing 1% of each year unless we know how to stop it NOW
    • How can we naturally fight Free Radicals that are causing us to look older


    Plus, How you can start this Natural Beauty Hack Challenge


    Watch the Video Now!

    Am I the only one who has been Dreaming of Disney lately?


    Because of our “side hustle turned full time hustle”, we have been able to go about 5 times over the past 4 years!

    Here are some of my favorite memories from our trips to the most magical place on earth: read more

    Four Simple Ways to Drink MORE Water; Even if You Don’t Like Drinking Water!

    It’s DAY ONE of my month long Fit Summer Challenge! I’ll be sharing daily content on Grassfedmama.com as well as my personal Facebook Page on how to not lose your momentum during the summer, while still enjoying yourself!

    This week we are focusing on water, and today specifically WHY you want to drink more water!

    PLUS FOUR ways to trick yourself into drinking more H2O {even when you don’t like water }

    Why do we need water?

    Our bodies need water to function!

    Did you know that our bodies are made of 75% of water? Every cell in your body need water to function properly!

    You will have more energy when you are hydrated

    You wouldn’t believe how many people reach out to me asking for help with energy. When one of the simplest ways to energize is just to make sure you have enough water.

    You will Boost Your Metabolism

    Because your body will have the water it needs, it will be able to work more efficiently, and that means a BOOST in your metabolism (and ability to burn more calories too!)

    Water is an Easy Detox read more

    Healthy Skin Must Haves!

    In case you haven’t seen already, I just entered the

    2nd trimester of my pregnancy! read more

    DIY Holiday Coffee Sugar Scrub

    The holidays are here! Which means a great opportunity for some homemade gift ideas to share or just to treat yourself!

    This season also means drier air which means we can’t ignore our skin –


    I love making these homemade sugar scrubs because they are so fun and easy too – Plus, this is the perfect way for me to keep my skin healthy all through the winter.


    Watch How to Make DIY Holiday Coffee Sugar Scrub



    1/2 cup of coconut oil

    1 cup of ground coffee

    3 tablespoons of sugar

    10 drops of Defend



    Mix all ingredients in glass bowl and store in container with lid.


    I hope that you enjoyed this easy recipe to keep your skin healthy all winter long!



    P.S. If you want to learn more about how I keep my skin healthy and wrinkle free all year long, check out my easy skincare routine!

    What Your Pimples Are Telling You

    Have you ever heard of “face mapping”??


    Face mapping, which combines modern dermatology with ancient Chinese medicine, is the idea that there’s a correlation between your internal organs and different zones of your face.


    This means that where your pimples are popping up could be an indication of something underlying going on inside you and give you some clues of how to treat your whole body.


    Just recently, I noticed several pimples showing up above my brow, then I read it could be my immune system fighting against something. Then, the next day I started with seasonal allergies… my skin really was telling me something was going on!

    It is so interesting!! 

    Face mapping can actually identify underlying causes of your acne. Once you’ve identified the cause, it’s easier to prevent it. While some causes are unavoidable (hormones during that time of the month, for instance), diet and lifestyle changes can definitely help to clear up your skin.




    5 Face Mapping Areas read more

    DIY Ring Light

    If you don’t follow me yet on Facebook (or YouTube) – You totally should! 

    But if you don’t follow me, you may not know that

    I make a lot of videos! read more

    Favorite Fall Essential Oil Blends

    Fall is my FAVORITE season…

    via GIPHY

    I love getting to pull out my boots… my sweaters… my favorite coffee mugs…

    and I love the scents that fall brings!


    But one thing I learned was that burning scented candles not only wasn’t safe with little kids around… it also wasn’t HEALTHY! 


    Just think all those chemicals and artificial scents that you are burning are going into the AIR and you are breathing them in… without even knowing.


    So what is the answer? 


    via GIPHY

    Favorite Fall Essential Oils Blends


    Did you know that you can actually get your FAVORITE candle scents in a natural, safe. environmentally friendly way… and it is actually GOOD for your health too!


    Introducing my favorite fall essential oil blends! 


    Now, I have to be honest… of all four – I have a favorite one for fall and that one is called Defend… because FALL is the season to DEFEND!

    This is the season when so many people are having to fight the germs daily around them… and just need some extra protection.


    Defend is that warm, spicy scent that just exudes the feeling of fall, it also supports your defenses when we need it most!

    Just imagine… Rosemary, Lemon, Cinnamon and Clove all together in little drops of goodness.

    It really just smells like fall! You can just imagine the apples cooking in the oven… the fire burning in the fire place… this is all you need for the perfect cozy, fall afternoon, a hot cup of keto coffee and a great book!



    Three Fall Essential Oils Recipes to Keep you Healthy this Fall


    Defend Foaming Hand Soap

    To help “DEFEND” each time you wash your hands, this DIY for =&0=& is just what you need:

    • 3 Tbs. Liquid Castile soap (unscented)
    • 8 oz. foaming soap dispenser
    • 15 drops It Works! DEFEND
    • 3 drops Vitamin E oil (optional)
    • Distilled water

    Add soap to the dispenser. Add It Works! DEFEND and Vitamin E Oil. Fill dispenser with distilled water.


    Fall Coffee Sugar Scrub

    Do cooler temps have you looking for socks? Warm those toes and recycle your coffee grounds with this =&1=&!

    • 1 cup coffee grounds
    • 3 Tbs. sugar
    • 6 Tbs. It Works! Fractionated Coconut Oil
    • 10 drops It Works! DEFEND

    Mix well and store in a glass jar with lid.


    The Best Fall Diffuser Blends

    And if you simply want to “fall” in love with a good fall scent, give these combinations a try in your Essential Diffuser!

    A Fall Welcome: 5 drops It Works! DEFEND + 5 drops It Works! BOOM
    Fall Romance: 5 drops It Works! DEFEND + 5 drops It Works! CHILL
    Crisp Fall Air: 6 drops It Works! CLEAR + 3 drops It Works! DEFEND + 1 drop Eucalyptus Essential Oil



    Our Essential Oils work together as one team to help you be your best! Ready to meet all of them?


  • It Works! BOOM: Are you ready to go?! There’s carpools to run, meetings to attend, and a business to build! You gotta be ready to bring your boom! Good thing you’ve got me! With a blend of invigorating spearmint and a fresh burst of citrus—including notes of tangy grapefruit, zesty lemon, and the sweetness of orange, tangerine, and mandarin — you’ll be positively energized with just one whiff! Grab life by the boom and Lezgo!
  • read more