Two Healthy Halloween Treats

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Here are two very healthy Halloween treats you can make throughout the month of October.

Can I be honest… Halloween isn’t my favorite. 
Because all I am hearing lately is…

“Can I have a piece of candy?” 
“Can I have a piece of candy?” 
“Can I have a piece of candy?”


I usually can avoid this battle altogether… but during Halloween…


Besides the obvious… SUGAR IS MY NEMESIS. 


It really can be detrimental to our health (and our kid’s health too!)


When our kids eat too much sugar they are more likely to get sick, get cavities, and just BE CRAZY PEOPLE!! 


So here are some  Healthy Halloween Treats  my girls get excited about (without any of the sugar!)


Two Healthy Halloween Treats


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Here are some Non-Candy Trick or Treat Ideas

Offering non-candy Halloween treats is a fantastic idea for those looking for alternatives. Here are some fun and non-candy options for trick-or-treaters:

**1. Stickers:**
– Kids love colorful and themed stickers. You can find Halloween-themed ones or go for popular characters.

**2. Temporary Tattoos:**
– Halloween-themed temporary tattoos are a hit and provide a fun and temporary way for kids to embrace the spooky spirit.

**3. Mini Playdough Tubs:**
– Mini playdough containers in Halloween colors or special spooky editions make for a creative and entertaining treat.

**4. Bouncy Balls:**
– Small rubber bouncy balls come in various colors and designs. They’re a playful alternative to candy.

**5. Glow Sticks or Bracelets:**
– Glow sticks or bracelets add an extra element of fun, especially for Halloween night. They also enhance visibility in the dark.

**6. Mini Coloring Books:**
– Halloween-themed mini coloring or activity books can keep kids entertained and engaged.

**7. Erasers in Fun Shapes:**
– Erasers shaped like pumpkins, ghosts, or other Halloween symbols are both practical and thematic.

**8. Miniature Toys:**
– Consider small toys like plastic spiders, witches, or skeletons. These can be used for imaginative play.

**9. Vampire Teeth or Fangs:**
– Plastic vampire teeth or fangs are a classic Halloween accessory that kids enjoy.

**10. Halloween Pencils:**
– Pencils with Halloween designs or characters are a practical and school-friendly treat.

**11. Mini Puzzle Games:**
– Small puzzle games or brain teasers can provide entertainment and a challenge.

– Halloween-themed bookmarks with spooky or cute designs can encourage reading.

**13. Mini Flashlights:**
– Provide mini flashlights with Halloween designs. They serve a practical purpose and add an element of excitement.

**14. Finger Puppets:**
– Finger puppets shaped like Halloween characters can spark imaginative play.

**15. Seed Packets:**
– Give out seed packets for pumpkins or other fall plants. It’s a unique and educational option.

**16. Mini Notepads:**
– Small notepads with Halloween covers are a practical and creative non-candy treat.

**17. Halloween Masks:**
– Provide small Halloween-themed masks for kids to wear during their trick-or-treating adventure.

**18. Fruit Snacks:**
– If you want a healthier option that’s not candy, consider individually wrapped fruit snacks or fruit leather.

These non-candy treats not only cater to various interests but also promote creativity and playfulness among trick-or-treaters. Enjoy a spooky and treat-filled Halloween! 

 What are your BEST tips to help your kids limit the sugar during Halloween?

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