20 Healthy Halloween Treats

Growing up, my family never really celebrated a traditional “Halloween.” We lived out in the country, so we never had trick-o-treaters come by for treats. But what we did do was a church Fall Festival with costumes and candy. Of course, as a kid – that sounded pretty awesome!!

Now as a mom, I have two girls who LOVE dressing up and of course they love candy too… but I’m a healthy mom – so I always feel guilty giving my kids candy. So I thought, what are some healthy ways to have fun this Halloween and make sure that sugar isn’t the main show.

Celebrations don’t have to revolve around unhealthy options, you can have fun and enjoy special themed treats that are still healthy! Here are 20 different ideas to help you have the healthiest Halloween Ever!


Here are 20 Healthy Halloween Treats


  1. Katrina shares this super cute idea to make a Halloween Kabob 

halloween ghost kabobs


2. A Thrifty Mom shares this cute idea to turn Oranges into Pumpkins



3. Another great idea from A Thrifty Mom is Monster Fruit Cups



4. Welch’s PB&J Spider Sandwhiches are a great way to turn a boring lunch into a festive meal



5. Flo and Grace have such a simple idea for a Banana Ghost



6. My Fussy Eater turns a healthy snack into a cute Halloween Orange Pumpkin 



7. Hidden Valley shows us how to turn your veggies into Jack-o-Lanters



8. Living Life on the Lane shares some GREAT peanut free ideas for Halloween and I loved these Cheesy Ghosts the most



9. Healthy Broom Sticks from Cocinando con Catman



10. A Healthy Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Bowl from Listotic.com



11. Sweet Potato cut outs from Tablespoon.com



12. Feeding Four Little Monkeys has a super cute Veggie Skeleton



13. Two Healthy Kitchen’s mummy apples



14. and 15. Chelsea’s Messy Apron shows us two adorable healthy Halloween ideas:




16. Frugal Coupon Living turns an orange into a Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Bowl



17. Little Dairy on the Prairie turns a regular carrot into a Pumpkin Snack



18. Silly Apple Bites from Fork and Beans will make fruit way more fun



19. The Girl Inspired has a great way to make a Halloween Popsicle



20. A Healthy Monster Fruit Tart from Creative and Healthy Fun Food 

Monster Fruit Tart



P.S. If you are interested in having Your Best Autumn Ever with more energy this Halloween, check out our Top Post with Healthy Tips to help you look and feel your best this fall!


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