Four “No Carve” Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

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These Four “No Carve” Halloween Pumpkin Ideas is perfect for your family if you want to decorate a pumpkin without the mess of carving.

It’s Fall Ya’ll! 

And that means it is time for all your fall bucket list ideas!


Our Fall Bucket List includes:

Leaf Scavenger Hunts

Making Wassail

Baking yummy Pumpkin Treats

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

and Decorating Pumpkins!! 


Traditionally, most people CARVE their pumpkins.

However, when you carve a pumpkin there are some downsides…


When you carve it, it may ROT!

No one wants a stinky pumpkin rotting on their front porch! There are a few tips to help your pumpkin last longer – Click here to check them out!


Knives are scary

I’m a mom… and my internal safety alarm goes off randomly. When big sharp knives are involved I always have this BIG flashing red light go off in my head. DANGER! DANGER!

Yes, there are some safety tips you can follow… but most of the carving will need to be handled by mom and dad.



Here are Four Ways you can Decorate a Pumpkin WITHOUT carving!


1 – Paint!

When my girls were younger, this is the option we chose! It was fun, they got messy… but it was lots of fun to see what they created their painted pumpkins!

2- Stickers

Many moms have started using cute sticker sets to decorate their pumpkins

3 – Felt

This year, we used felt to decorate our pumpkin! It was really fun to draw out the face on the felt and then hot glue the pieces in place.



4 – Push in or Sticks


There are a lot of really cute “Push in” decorations or stick decorations that you push into your pumpkin to bring it to life.


– Plus, you can Melt Crayons on your pumpkin too!


However you decorate your pumpkin remember that you are creating lasting memories your family will cherish forever!


How do you like decorating your pumpkins?



P.S. If you want tips to help you stay healthy all fall and winter long WITHOUT gaining weight or getting sick, Check out My Top Free Tips for Having a Healthy Halloween!

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