How to Cut a Watermelon For Kids

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My kids love eating watermelon during the summer months. As you can imagine, watermelons can be messy. With this tip you can cut a watermelon for kids and reduce the mess and clean up too!

I don’t know about you… but when I think of summer I think of


Fruit is such a healthy choice for kids. When they are hot, watermelon helps them stay hydrated because it is mostly made of water… They never turn it down… Plus, it is in season!

The biggest problem I have with watermelon is that it is.


Finally, I’ve found out how to cut a watermelon for kids to easily pick up! Plus, it turns it into a finger food which is great when they are running around outside or at a picnic or party.

Because it is easier for them to eat, there is less waste and more fun!

Watch How Easy it is to Cut a Watermelon for Kids

The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

First cut the watermelon in half.

Place it cut side down on your cutting board. I love my miracle blades for this.

Makie 1-2 inch thick slices.

Turn the watermelon 90 degrees and repeat.

Use one hand to hold the watermelon slices together while making your cuts.

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