8 Stress Free Tips for Traveling with Kids

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We love to travel!!

My youngest took her first plane ride when she was only 6 weeks old (I know, crazy!!) When you love to travel and your home based business gives you the freedom to travel as much as you want… you learn a few tips along the way.

My girls have been to Vancouver, Washington DC twice, Disney World a few times, Philadelphia, and many other place!! We truly believe that you should travel with young kids!


Most families have to travel some during the holidays, even if it is just a few hours to a near by town, I know these tips will come in handy to help you have a Stress Free time Traveling with kids. 



8 Stress Free Tips for Traveling with Kids


Always have snacks
  1. I usually make individually packaged snacks for each kid. Usually a few Lara Bars, Annie’s Crackers,  and even Bananas work well on the road.
  2. Cups with lids for ALL ages (even Adults!)



  • Keep Toys just for the Car
    1. I love this bin for keeping all your car toys together. This makes getting in the car FUN because they can play with these special toys. Most car toys that we pick don’t have a lot of small pieces and don’t make any annoying sounds lol
      1. Our girls love Barbies,
      2. Magic Clip Dolls
      3. Water WOW Books and Pens
  • Play Car Games
    1. I spy is a great game that all ages can play
    2. The ABC game where you look for all the letters in the alphabet while you drive
    3. Travel Bingo Card Game
  • Movies
    1. When I first became I mom, I said – “My child will never watch movies in the car! She will read the whole way” Then I moved 17 hours away from our family and road trips became a two day excursion… so we compromised to keep the sanity levels at a normal level. Last year we were able to buy our van in cash and it came with a DVD player. We will take turns picking out movies that everyone can enjoy, and I think it has been a great way to reduce that travel stress.
  • Sing Along CD’s
    1. I know I’m totally playing my mom card here, but I love singing in the car! We have a few sing a long CD’s that I love to listen to and sing as a family
      1. Disney Sing Along 
      2. Bethel Kids Music
  • Books
    1. Even if your kids are too young to read, they can enjoy reading with a little help
      1. Leap Frog LeapReader is what we have been using for two years and we LOVE it!
      2. Leap Frog reading Pen

Stay Comfortable

Blankets and Pillows

I know that every parent would love for their kids to sleep in the car – and some do with no problem! I know my girls love having their blankets and pillows in the car to make them feel more comfortable and they will usually sleep better with them than without.


Must Have Supplements

  • Confianza for Mom and Dad!

After this last vacation to the Bahamas, I will never go on another vacation without my Confianza!

Confianza is a natural stress relief supplement that uses adaptogens to help your body cope with stress. What I love is that I can tell a huge difference in about 15 minutes (which is awesome!)

This summer we wont a free cruise with our home business. On our cruise, there was a ropes course that was three stories ABOVE the ship!! All my business partners were going to do this course together – and it was TERRIFYING! We were literally zip lining over the ocean!

I was really scared, but I knew that I had to do it and face my fears. I took 2 Confianzas before we climbed the stairs to the top and I took a deep breath and made it through the WHOLE course without panicking!

A second time, Adam and I were working end of month orders together and it was getting so stressful. We are normally both pretty laid back, but there was just this tension we couldn’t shake. We both took two Confianzas and within 20 minutes we could focus and get the work done that we needed to.


I’m not the only one with great results with Confianza. I have hundreds of customers who use this product with me and have great result and One just messaged me last week that in only 3 days of starting Confianza her husband noticed a huge difference in how she was acting less stressed (that’s pretty great!). Some of my friends have suffered from anxiety (and the holidays are really one of the most stressful times of the year). They have all reported back to me with less anxiety and have been able to enjoy activities that used to make them extremely uncomfortable.

There are really no downsides to trying this whole food supplement! I know that so many people can benefit from this, and if it sounds like something that would help you – The Holidays would be a great time to give it a chance : )


What are Your best tips for traveling with kids?


P.S. If you are interested in trying Confianza to help reduce your stress naturally, I would love to help you save 40% as my Product Tester!! You can try it for the next three months and I’ll give you my wholesale discount : ) To get started, Click here and add it to your cart. I know you will love it as much as I do!!



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