20 Tips to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home

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Are you juggling the demands of working from home while also keeping your little ones entertained? We know it can be a challenge to balance work and family life, especially when the kids are itching for attention. But fear not, because we’ve got you covered with 20 genius tips to keep your kids busy and happy at home while you get stuff done.

The Family Hustle: Make an Impact Online
The Family Hustle: Make an Impact Online

My Best 20 Tips to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home

1. Create a Daily Schedule:

Establish a daily routine that includes designated work and play times. Having a schedule helps set expectations for both you and your kids and provides structure to your day.

2. Set Up a Kid-Friendly Workspace:

Create a designated workspace for your kids where they can engage in independent activities while you work nearby. Stock the area with art supplies, puzzles, books, and other quiet activities to keep them occupied.

3. Encourage Imaginative Play:

Encourage your kids to use their imagination and creativity by setting up a dress-up corner, building forts with blankets and pillows, or creating a pretend play area with dolls or action figures.

4. Get Outside:

Take advantage of outdoor time for fresh air and physical activity. Set up a backyard obstacle course, go for a nature walk, or simply let them run wild in the backyard while you tackle your work tasks.

5. Screen Time Limits:

Set limits on screen time and reserve it for special occasions or as a last resort. Instead, encourage activities that stimulate their minds and bodies without relying on electronic devices.

6. Involve Them in Household Chores:

Get your kids involved in age-appropriate household chores like setting the table, sorting laundry, or watering plants. Not only does it keep them busy, but it also teaches them valuable life skills.

7. Arts and Crafts:

Set up an arts and crafts station with supplies like paper, markers, crayons, glue, and stickers. Encourage your kids to get creative and make masterpieces while you tackle your work projects.

8. DIY Science Experiments:

Turn your kitchen into a science lab and conduct simple experiments using household items. From baking soda volcanoes to homemade slime, there are endless possibilities for educational fun.

9. Quiet Time Activities:

Designate a period of quiet time each day where your kids engage in quiet activities like reading, coloring, or playing with puzzles. Use this time to focus on your work without interruptions.

10. Virtual Classes or Workshops:

Sign your kids up for virtual classes or workshops where they can learn new skills or explore their interests from the comfort of home. From art and music to coding and cooking, there’s something for every child.

11. Indoor Obstacle Course:

Create an indoor obstacle course using furniture, pillows, and other household items. Challenge your kids to navigate the course and complete tasks like crawling under tables or hopping over cushions.

12. Audio Books or Podcasts:

Introduce your kids to the world of audio books or podcasts for some quiet entertainment. Choose age-appropriate titles that capture their imagination and keep them engaged.

13. Sensory Play:

Set up a sensory bin filled with materials like rice, beans, or water beads for tactile exploration. Add scoops, funnels, and containers for endless sensory play possibilities.

14. Cooking or Baking Together:

Get your kids involved in the kitchen by cooking or baking together. Let them help with simple tasks like mixing, measuring, or decorating, and watch as they develop a love for cooking.

15. Indoor Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of items for an indoor scavenger hunt and challenge your kids to find them all. Hide clues around the house or yard for added excitement and adventure.

16. Gardening:

Start a mini-garden indoors or outdoors and let your kids get their hands dirty. Plant seeds, water plants, and watch as they learn about nature and responsibility.

17. Yoga or Stretching:

Encourage your kids to practice yoga or stretching exercises to promote physical activity and relaxation. There are plenty of kid-friendly yoga videos available online to guide them through simple poses and movements.

18. Music and Dance Party:

Turn up the music and have a dance party with your kids to shake off some energy and boost their mood. Let them take turns choosing songs and get silly on the dance floor.

19. Virtual Playdates:

Schedule virtual playdates with friends or family members using video chat platforms. It’s a great way for your kids to stay connected with loved ones while social distancing.

20. Bedtime Stories:

End the day on a cozy note with bedtime stories or lullabies. Snuggle up with your kids and read aloud their favorite books to wind down and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Phew! With these 20 genius tips in your arsenal, you’ll be able to keep your kids busy and happy while you conquer your work tasks like the rockstar mom that you are. Remember to be patient, stay flexible, and enjoy the precious moments with your little ones, even during the busiest of days. You’ve got this! 🌟

Are you trying to work from home with kids too? What are your best tips?

5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Busy At Home
5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

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