3 Reasons We Get Sick in the Winter

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3 Reason Why We Get Sick in the Winter
3 Reason Why We Get Sick in the Winter

We woke up and saw frost on the ground this morning… so we are in the midst of winter weather right now… and I don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone is getting sick around us.


I don’t know if you have already been sick… but changes in the weather and difference seasons can also mean more sickness.

What I like to do is be proactive and do things that help boost my immune system so that I can avoid getting sick altogether.

You may be doing certain things that make you more susceptible to getting sick – Maybe some of these are things you may not even be thinking about!


Do you think about how much sun you get every day? Sunlight is one of the natural sources of vitamin D, but in the winter when our days are shorter… a lot of us are deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D can help your body stay strong and fight off germs that make us sick. Most people say that only 15 minutes of full sunlight is enough for what you need on a daily basis…

The problem is… we have a lot of days in the winter when we don’t even have 15 minute of sun!

You can supplement with Vitamin D and get what you need to stay healthy.


One of the reasons that we get more sick from October through February is all of these holidays that happen in the winter time.

Whenever we overindulge… maybe on extra sweets and sugar, you are reducing your immunity for a couple hours.

I was reading every single time you have a really sweet coffee or really sweet breakfast… every day we do this and then we wonder: “why am I gaining weight? and why am I sick?”

This is the easiest way to help avoid all that excess sugar. There are easy ways to make simple healthy swaps so that you don’t even feel deprived!

I want to help make it easy for you to say no to the sugar.

3 Reason Why We Get Sick in the Winter
3 Reason Why We Get Sick in the Winter


Tell me if you struggle with this during the holidays…

We pile on too much on our plates… we say “yes” to too much… and then we feel stressed and wished we didn’t have so much to do…

What I want to do during the holidays… is to ENJOY the holiday season. So I make sure that during this time I try to simplify.

We tend to put too much on our plates… so we are the ones that are making ourselves stressed out.

Too much stress lowers your immune system.

How to reduce stress?

1- Simplify. Ask yourself “Is this necessary?”

2- Learn to say “no” when you can.

3- Get more sleep.

How I boost My Immune System Daily

1: Daily Probiotics

If your gut isn’t healthy… you are not healthy.

This is as simple as taking one probiotic a day to give your body what it needs to replenish healthy gut flora and help you fight off germs.

This is the one I take.

2. Daily Superfoods from Fruits and Vegetables

Every single day I drink my chocolate detoxing superfood drink as a hot chocolate. This is how I end every day now!

It has added magnesium to help me sleep at night and help boost my metabolism – as well as help me avoid sugar cravings by giving my body what it needs… so no deficiencies!

3. Immune Boosting Drink

When I want to give my body an EXTRA boost in immunity fighting... I’ll drink this elderberry drink several days in a row – especially leading up to a vacation or big day that I don’t want to miss.

Just drop it in water and it dissolves!

  • Supports healthy immune function and resilience† 
  • Helps your body respond quicker to threats† 
  • Provides a healthier stress response with a blend of adaptogens† 
  • Supplies a blast of Vitamin C, as much as in 16 oranges

This is what I use.

Are you ready to boost your immune system naturally? By my product tester and start using my favorite health boosting products at my discount. Apply Here.

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